Sunday, 15 February 2009

Martians, Sah, fahsands of 'em!

Well, maybe not thousands, but certainly enough for a game. February is Martians month. I set as my goal this month painting some 15mm Martian infantry for Soldier's Companion, the miniatures rules from Space: 1889. The figures are by Black Hat, and the terrain they are set up on is the Mars Station terrain from WorldWorksGames. I really like both the figures and the terrain.

Well, I have managed to paint them already! The unit in question is the Shastapshian Black regiment. According to the book, this regiment comprises two companies of infantry, one of cavalry and one heavy gun. I do not have the cavalry yet, but may reward myself for completing this set by buying them. Anyway, without further ado, here is the contingent all together (don't forget to click the pictures for a larger image):
Regimental command:
A Company:
B Company:
I have actually enjoyed painting these Martians, although I doubt I shall win any prizes for the paint job, which just involved some quick block painting, a dip in my version of the dip and a little highlighting to round the whole thing off. The next question is what to paint next. I have more Martians to paint, but may focus on something else for a change, possibly the Normans that were a secondary objective from last month.


  1. Excellent work and only halfway through the month. I still seem to have loads of painting left to do. Hopefully this week we shall finally get the first game of Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures, baring weather conditions.



  2. Nice work! I have a horde of these fellows (well, if eighty or so makes a full-fledged horde), and I like them immensely.

    Check mine out on my blog:

    I went with the classical 'red' Martian look, myself.

    Now if I can just get the Germans painted...

  3. Thanks for the comments. I have another regiment or two to paint, and need to buy the cavalry to go with them so that I can face the unholy British infidels from Syrtis Major. I also need to build a small gunboat as air support. More projects to add to the list! :-)