Friday, 3 July 2009

Searchers of the Lost Uraei - A Wargods Report

We played Wargods again last night. Wargods really is a good game and the command system in it makes every game tense and exciting. Last night's game was a continuation of a mini-campaign that we started many moons ago. It saw my warband heading into the swamps to try to recover information about a tribe of no-good Nekharu that we have to find for some reason that currently escapes me. Steve has written the scenario up on his blog. I am now really looking forward to the final part of the campaign. Then it will be my turn to write a mini-campaign for Steve's warband, the forces of Karn the Flayer. I wrote a Wargods of Valhalla mod some time back that is still downloadable from the Gods of War ezine. This introduces Viking forces into Wargods. As anyone that knows me will be able to tell you, I like Vikings. So, I have tentatively titled this new mini-campaign Snow Trek: The Wrath of Karn. I wonder if there are merchandising rights to sell based on this one?


  1. I have always found that some sort of storyline makes for more fun in the battles.

    "Two small groups of rival nations meet in random battle" seems a bit dull, compared to "the valiant forces of Slobbovia have come to liberate the town of Slobostanisberg from the clutches of the tyrant usurper, the Duke of Haasenpfefferstein."

    I know which I'd rather play in.

  2. I totally agree. We really like the mini-campaign format of three linked games because it is manageable and creates a reason for the games. We tend to flesh out our games with stories too, just so that they have some real meat beyond the game. I have always found the 300 points per side DBM style battle to be a little sterile.