Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Italians buy British boats shocker!

In shock news, the Italian government has recently purchased a number of Stingray Class Torpedo 'Nefs from Britain. This is thought to signal British support for the newly formed Italian nation in its struggle against the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. The new Torpedo 'Nefs are the first part of a larger order that the Italian government has made. The 'Nefs, designated S1 to S5, made a fine site as they escorted a small flotilla of Italian vessels from the British naval dockyards at Scapa Flow. The Orkney islanders turned out en masse to cheer the ships as they left. Reportedly this new order has saved a number of jobs at the dockyards that were previously threatened due to a downturn in wars.

I finally got around to painting some of my 'nefs last week. Now I just need to paint the rest. Click the pictures for larger versions.

The Italian Fleet leaves Scapa Flow with the newly purchased Stingray Torpedo 'Nefs:

Palestro Class Destroyer:

Re D'Italia Battlenef:

Stingray Class Torpedo 'Nef:


  1. I had wondered how I might do terrain for these (I have two small fleets sitting on my "ooh shiny" pile!). Putting them on maps just might be a good idea...

  2. The rules recommend using Ordnance Survey Landranger maps because the groundscale of the game is 1:50000, same as the maps. Each square is 2cm x 2cm, which neatly coincides with the footprint of a bomb load.

    The other option that I would use, and probably will use when combining with Land Ironclads is to get a load of Irregular Miniatures 2mm terrain. That should look about right on the table.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I must see if I can get anything from the late 19th century for the far east...