Saturday, 6 March 2010

A-Roleplaying We Will Go ...

Yup, I have made contact with roleplayers in the area! They appear to be friendly, or at least mostly harmless, so we have agreed to start up a game of Labyrinth Lord in about two weeks' time. Needless to say, I am excited about DMing a game again. I really enjoy the creativity inherent in building up a world for the players to investigate and tear apart. Hopefully this game will lead to others and we can continue to play a campaign for a while to come.

Labyrinth Lord is a Basic D&D clone that is available as a free download from the Goblinoid Games website. There is also an advanced expansion that takes the game into something closer to 1st Edition AD&D, but without any of the nonsense that went with that game. So, as part of preparation for this game, I have dug out all of my D&D Gazetteers which describe the world of Mystara, since this nostalgia-fest deserves only the best. I have also dug out all of my old B-series modules for it. Now all I have to do is read the rules and modules again in time for the players to ignore all of my plans and head off in a totally different direction. Wish me luck, and if not luck, at least good aim with the cowapult, when I feel they need to be taught a lesson. I have already loaded it with the Piano of Doom and the Heifer of Despair, so I just need an excuse to let rip ...

While doing all this preparation, I also realised that I did not have a Labyrinth Lord GM's shield, so I made one quickly by printing out the reference sheets and gluing them to a piece of 3mm foamboard. Here it is:
So now, no matter what the players do, I shall at least be secure behind my shield.


  1. Ah, Fortress DMier, from which to launch dice (and cowpats) at players.

    Good luck with the game - sounds like fun.

  2. Yup, with chainmail and a DM's shield my armour class is so good that they can never hit me regardless of how many vorpal frisbees they have! The game has the potential to be a fantastic nostalgia-fest. I really hope it works out like that.

  3. That is a class shield, Ruarigh. Looking forward to seeing it at first hand soon!