Saturday, 8 May 2010

More 6mm Prussians

As those that are following the Towton Project will know, I have rather a lot of Wars of the Roses figures to paint. To keep myself fresh for painting Wars of the Roses figures I have also been working on some other side projects. One of these is the Prussian order of battle for Lobositz. This week I have painted four more infantry units and two cuirassier units for that project. I painted some artillery and half a dozen other infantry regiments some time back and you can see those HERE if you did not see them last time I posted.

I am using the order of battle in Frank Chadwick's Battles of the Seven Years War and plan to use his Volley and Bayonet rules for gaming this period. Conveniently, Lobositz provides a large enough force to use with the Road to Glory battle system in Volley and Bayonet too. I like it when things come together like that! The Road to Glory system is a battle generator designed to make even one-off battles slightly different by using a card-based deployment system. Players draw a card and deploy according to that card. This can mean that elements of the player's army are not present at the start of the battle and will only arrive as reinforcements. I am really looking forward to trying this out. I suppose I had better get painting if I am ever to do so!

Group shot of the new figures (click all pictures for larger images)

IR 30

IR 27

IR 21

Cuirassier Regiments 2 (back) and 10 (front)

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