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Bwendi 2300 - Traveller skirmishing using Tomorrow's War

We're working on learning Tomorrow's War, as the recent battle reports show. We are also setting up to play a campaign set on a world in the Traveller universe (Classic Traveller, of course. I still have my LBBs). As part of this process, I am thinking about Traveller technology and how it fits in Tomorrow's War, so here is some of the background and how it fits together.

The campaign setting is the Classic Traveller universe adapted to include elements of 2300AD. It is set in the non-canon sector of Reaver’s Deep and is designed to remain at a remove from the main empires and worlds of the Traveller universe. The basic campaign only takes place in Beltene system, which is basically the arse end of nowhere. The plan is to have a resource management campaign that will see our nations rising in tech level and provide organic growth that should ensure that our armies end up different in the end.

Campaign home system
System: Beltene
Subsector: Riftrim
Sector: Reaver’s Deep
UWP: 2203 B866675-9 Ag Ni Ri

The colonies of Albion and Ztumsia Nova were founded on Beltene some time back and are now fully established. Both colonies have an avowed love of all things English. Unfortunately both nations interpret what Englishness is differently, which has led to significant problems between the two. While there is some contact with the wider galaxy, there is little to be gained by trade with Beltene, so the planet is mostly left on its own, except for occasional pirate raids and the potential for alien invasion, if I save enough up to buy the GZG crusties to use as Kafers.

Military Technology
The technology available is similar to present day but with enhanced optics, etc. Laser rifles are a relatively recent phenomenon and can be used both as a weapon and for painting targets. The lists below give the stats where necessary of each weapon at the current tech level. They assume that the baseline technology level in Tomorrow's War for our game will be TL1. Where stats are not given, then the standard TW rules apply. These are all draft stats and subject to revision.

When outfitting troops, reference will need to be made to the Traveller books for Traveller tech levels. As a general rule, armies will always have equipment available that belongs to the previous tech level. Equipment from the current tech level is likely to be less common with elite units getting it first. Militia units may well have equipment from two tech levels lower than the current one, depending upon the culture they come from.

  • Assault Rifle
  • Laser Rifle
  • SMG (close assault)
  • Pistol (close assault)
Squad Support Weapons
  • GPMG with bipod mount (TL1, Lt, AP:1)*
  • SAW (TL1, Lt AP:1)
  • RPG (TL1, Med, AP:2/AT:2(M))
  • RAM Grenade Launcher (TL1, ABW, AP:1/AT:1 (L))
*GPMG is also a medium support weapon when fitted with a tripod.

Medium Support Weapons
These are usually tripod mounted or fitted to vehicles.
  • Autocannon (TL1, ABW, Hvy, AP:3)
  • GPMG on tripod (TL1, TST, Med, AP:2)
  • RAM Auto Grenade Launcher (TL1, ABW, AP:2/AT:2 (L))
I have figures for GMS/L and HAMR gunners and a couple of RAFRAM Mortars, so I need to work those out in Traveller terms too, but I shall save them for when I finalise my platoon organisation.

Traveller armour is not as simple as TW armour. Having looked at attempting to add some chrome, I decided that it was not worth the additional effort for our games, so decided on the following armour availability at each tech level:

TL9 Light Body Armour (TL1, 1d) = cloth / flak / ablat
TL10 Light Body Armour (TL2, 1d)
TL10 Hard Body Armour (TL1, 2d) = combat environment suit
TL11 Light Body Armour (TL3, 1d)
TL11 Hard Body Armour (TL2, 2d) = combat armour
TL12 Hard Body Armour (TL3, 2d)
TL13 Light Powered Armour (TL2, 2d) = battle dress
TL14 Heavy Powered Armour (TL3, 3d)

Armour can incorporate various sensor suites and the grid should be available at all tech levels. Chameleon suits are available at various tech levels too, but I am not sure quite how to incorporate those into TW yet. All of this is still provisional and subject to discussion with Steve, but I reckon it's a good basis for setting up our game.

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