Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Battle of Stamford Bridge, September 21st 2013.

I've been somewhat tardy in posting this report. I dragged my poor, long-suffering other half to Stamford Bridge on Sunday 21st September. The Battle of Stamford Bridge Society were spending the weekend commemorating the Battle of Stamford Bridge, which saw Harald hardrada defeated by Harold Godwinsson on 25th September 1066.

There were reenactors aplenty wandering around with tents set up and happy to talk to anyone with questions. The society had a small stall with information and some goodies to buy. Chris Rock (no, not that one) was selling his pamphlet/book on the battle, and there was barbeque to be had too. I'm looking forward to the 950th anniversary of this battle now and hope that this event expands significantly before then. Here are some photos to whet your appetite for all things Viking (and Saxon too, if you lean that way).

Warming up for the main event. There were demonstrations of all the melee weapons used by both sides
Facing the shieldwall
Viking food, but not a pickled herring in sight!
Part of the camp
Please park your longships only in the designated bays. Failure to comply will result in the issuing of a Fixed Penalty Notice
The Saxon standard
The Vikings arrive (apparently Tostig was delayed due to a hangover)
The Saxons arrive. They achieved surprise by sneaking up behind a hedge. I think they should have done that at Hastings too.
The Vikings form up for the battle
The whole of the camp area

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