Monday, 26 May 2014

The Viking Experience - Book Review

A positive book review is a thing to treasure and the Nottingham Post has just published one of my book. Naturally this pleases me so much I had to share it. :) You can read it HERE. I particularly liked the concluding paragraph:
This beautifully illustrated book provides a revealing portrait of the Vikings' incredible legacy.It's a book to treasure and an added attraction is the collection of removable documents. These include drawings and photographs from archaeological dig sites and an extract from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, describing a Viking raid on Lindisfarne.


If this whets your appetite for Viking related goodness, the book is available through Amazon and the link on the sidebar will take you right to it. Clicking through from the sidebar will also help me buy a tin of beans for dinner this week (or maybe get some more metal washers for basing figures).


  1. Congratulations on your book and the good critics my friend! :)

    PS. Can I tell my friend that I know a famous writer? ;-)

    1. Thank you. I think the correct term is 'internationally acclaimed author'. Don't worry, I shall remember my friends when I am hanging out with the celebs! :)

      That reminds me that I should post about passing my PhD too but I wanted to save that until I have made the corrections that are required. Still, if you want to tell your friends that you know the world expert on berserkers then you may do so too. :)