Wednesday, 31 December 2008

January? WHAA!

Happy New Year, thrifty gamers.

So, it is January now. As I wrote last time, Steve and I decided that we would aim for a game of Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures at the beginning of February. Therefore, my primary objective for January is to paint my remaining goblins to provide an enemy for Steve's Teutonic knights. Steve is going to paint his Teutonic knights and then we shall have a scrap; no unpainted figures may be fielded so getting the figures painted is important. I am looking forward to getting started on these and will try to get pictures as I go along so that you can see the progress.

Objective 1: The Goblins
As I wrote before, this is one of my half-finished projects. It does not look like many figures to paint, but I always find that these things take longer than expected.

Objective 2: The Normans
More figures for the WHAA project, as well as being useful for other rules that I enjoy, like Retinue and Montjoie.

Regarding WHAA, I have also updated my wiki with some notes on WHAA and the first entries in my own warband's diary. The diary, Ragnar's saga, follows the adventures of the youngest son of a Viking jarl in his quest for fame and fortune. Pretty much standard Viking fare then.

As part of getting ready for the thrift, I have had to clear the decks, so to speak. This has resulted in me finally completing the painting on my Warrior Heroes 6mm armies. Warrior Heroes was the original THW fantasy massed battle game. It uses element bases and I have chosen to base all my figures on 40*20mm bases with a view to also using them with Warmaster Ancients. The two armies that I have produced use Baccus Wars of the Roses figures but are based on Hundred Years War armies. So, my project-based approach has already had some benefits since it forced me to put in the work on these figures. I am planning on getting in a game or two with these figures over the next month now that they are painted. Hopefully I shall also manage to get their bases done too.

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