Monday, 12 January 2009

Lack of Progress Update

Well, we are 12 days into the challenge now. I have successfully bought no figures since January 1st. However, I have also not completed painting on any figures either. Although painting started well, and all the goblins have their base colours, it stalled last week because I was away at a course all week. I did consider taking some figures with me to paint, but, as it turns out, my decision not to take them was well-founded. I had little time for anything but the course and “networking” (= socialising and drinking). So, what have I done?

Here are some of my goblins in all their partly painted glory, pretty much as I left them before the course (click the images for larger versions):
Goblins in progress

I also decided to rebase the D&D minis that I am using for the rank and file goblins. I was not going to do this, but the completist in me insisted. Looking at them, I am tempted to do a little bit more painting on them, and maybe treat them to the dip too.
D&D Minis goblins

Finally, I wanted something quick to do, so I printed out some paper terrain that I had bought from WorldWorksGames
and folded that up to provide the first few houses in my goblin village. Producing these small models has at least given me a small sense of achievement. I have printed a few more out to build so the final goblin village should have a dozen or so huts as well as the altar as a centre-piece. The huts are from the Pirates of Skull Cove set, while the sacrificial altar is from the Gothic Realms set.
The goblin village againA goblin village

Given that I have done little over the past 12 days, here is a photo of my painting desk for you to marvel at the luxurious comfort of my work space!
Workspace open
Hopefully, I shall have better news to report by the end of next weekend, after I have finished writing the report on my course.


  1. Oh, come on. It's not all doom and gloom right?
    You didn't spend any money (on gaming at least ;-) and you did get some scenery done.
    And being seperated from paints and brushes (painful as it may be at times) is a valid reason for not getting on with painting.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. True, it is not all doom and gloom. It just feels that way! :) I am pleased that I managed to make the huts. They did not take long but gave a nice sense of achievement. I think I should be able to finish the goblins this weekend since the base colours are done on all of them.