Monday, 25 May 2009

Downsizing in June

June will be a month of small scale figures. We have decided to focus on 6mm sci-fi because I have been bellyaching for ages about playing FutureWarsCommander. Steve wants to play Dirtside 2. So, we have compromised and decided to play both games. I strongly suspect that each will provide a completely different gaming experience and that we shall want to play both again. The problem with 6mm sci-fi figures is that I already have most of mine painted, and I only have about 0.75 Victory Points of figures left to paint. So, what else should I paint this month? Well, I think that the month would be best spent painting the odds and ends that I have lying around from various other projects. Various 6mm options include:

Tusk - Tusk is a game of mammoth and dinosaur hunting from Irregular Miniatures. I have some 19th century types and some dinosaurs left to paint. I painted the mammoths and cavemen ages ago and am waiting for Steve's tribe to appear, now that I am an expert mammoth hunter in the solo game. As far as I know, Steve has made no progress on painting his tribe yet.
English Civil War - I need an army to oppose my ECW Parliamentarians (boo hiss!) so I should maybe crack on with the Royalists (hussah!). They are prepped and waiting to be painted but keep getting shuffled to the back of the queue.
Great Northern War - I still need to base the rest of my Swedish army and I need to base all of my Danish army. I have a Polish army to paint. I suspect that I have rather a lot of figures left to paint for my Saxon army too. Rebasing all of the Danes and the Swedes would be a useful job and deserving of victory points, even if it is not painting figures. After all, it is preparing them for use however you look at it.
Seven Years War - I have Prussians and Swedes waiting to be painted for this war and am keen to give them an outing at some point. On the other hand, they are not prepped and we have no immediate plans to play the Seven Years War, beyond those vague plans that have wandered around in my head for the past ten years.
World War Two - I have Russians and Germans waiting to be finished off. I plan to sell these armies to fund new purchases that I feel the need for, so perhaps I should focus on painting these and getting them on EBay to earn my victory points.

What does the crowd think? Any preference for what you would like to see featured on here? Or, should I jsut follow my whims and see what I can get painted in the month according to what I feel like painting? As long as I paint around £4o worth of figures then I have earned my 2 victory points, so does it matter what those figures are?


  1. Do the Tusk game first and tell us about it! I've been tempted by that for ages

  2. I second the Tusk, then it will encorage me to paint my Tusk figures. Currently all I have planned is to base my 6mm Sci-Fi figures. Cheers Steve.

  3. Ok, Tusk is on the menu for June. Mammoth steaks anyone? Now all I need is a good guide for painting dinosaurs.