Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Forsvaret Skandinavias (June progress update)

In the 31st century, the world was rocked by natural disasters and economic collapse. Countries went bankrupt by the score and only those with oil survived comparatively unscathed. With their economies in ruins, Denmark and Sweden were left floating dead in the water until the Norwegian government threw them a lifeline. At an historic meeting, the three countries united in the New Kalmar Union. Each retained some devolved power, but ultimate power lay with the Norwegian government.

With the growing unrest in the world, Scandinavia needed to beef up its military power. It is only really possible to maintain neutrality, as they wished, by having a strong defence force, and so the armed forces of all three countries were united and rationalised. Thus was born Forsvaret Skandinavias.

Click the picture for a bigger version, although I admit it is rather a rubbish photo. I shall try to get better pictures when we play. I have only painted about a dozen vehicles for this force in June, but I thought it all looked better with the whole force present. By finishing this lot off, I have now painted all of the 6mm sci-fi figures I have.

At the front of the formation is a recce troop with three scout cars and the recce infantry. Behind them are several ranks of infantry platoons, each with APCs, an IFV for the commander and a mortar carrier to provide support. Behind that is a battalion of Thor MBTs, two AA vehicles and an SPAT section. The back rank consists of three SP artillery batteries (Two batteries of Sigurd SPGs and one of SP Salvo Missile Launchers). On the left of the photo is a flight of Wespe aircraft with their FAC.

We plan to play Dirtside 2 (freely downloadable) and FutureWarsCommander with these figures. We may also play Iron Cow when it is re-released, and it would not surprise me if Steve knows of other suitable 6mm sci-fi rules too.

The vehicles are all Brigade Models' ONESS Germans, while the infantry are from the Baccus Command Horizon range. I really like all of these figures. They were all pretty much flash free when they arrived and they have all painted up well.


  1. Looks like I shall have to beef up my armour for this game. Funnily enough I have a copy of the old edition of Iron Cow somewhere and probably some other games as well.



  2. Talking about alternate history: oil in the 31st century... or would that be fish oil ;-)

  3. It's the vast reserves that the Norwegians found in their Arctic colonies. They were finally able to exploit them when the technology became available, unlike the Middle Eastern oil fields which ran out early in the 22nd century. Hey, it's science fiction after all! ;-)

  4. Looks good. Like the concept of the Forsvaret Skandinavias. Can I slip it into the Iron Cow universe? Iron Cow PDF quite soon now (back to painting the CDSU!)

  5. Steve, feel free to use the idea. I am not certain I got the name quite right. For some reason I initially thought it should be Forsvaret Skandinaviens, but I get confused with my Scandinavian languages occasionally! My excuse is that in the 31st century, language has changed and I am just reflecting that. :-)

  6. Nice aircraft, are they Brigade? I went scurrying off to their website to get me some but can't see them on their lists.

  7. The aircraft are the 6mm German Wespe:

    Hope the link works.