Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Maelynn, an Elven Mage

My brother used to like Confrontation. I don't know if he still does, but he never talks about it now. While he was still enthusiastic, I picked up some Cynwall Elves, thinking that I could use them in skirmish gaming and also try Confrontation against him. That never happened, but I finally got around to painting one of them: Maelynn, an Elven mage with some kind of construct on her back. I am not completely convinced by my painting, but at least she is coloured in so I can use her. The only problem is that she towers over all my other ordinary elves that I plan to use for games of Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures, so I may have to relegate her to ebay or to the display cupboard. The same problem applies to the other Cynwall Elves I have. Perhaps I need to rethink how I plan to use them. One thought that occurs is to use them on their own as a Song of Blades and Heroes warband. I have enough figures for that with a couple of extras for reinforcements.



  1. I guess your brother lost intrest when they came out with the new rules going together with the prepainted plastics. I know I did when I read them. Pretty much everything I (and most others) thought to be the strong points of the system that made it stand out from other games, was gone. This was the only game I played tournaments in, and the whole thing ground to a halt when the new rules came out. A pity, it was a great game...
    But the figures will see the green gaming fields again (one day) as a whole bunch of SoBH warbands.

  2. I think that is almost certainly the route my figures will take too. SoBH is a great system really, even if I do always lose!