Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's V-Day (that's Vikings Day)

I have been meaning to finish tarting up my 15mm Vikings for use with Basic Impetus for some time now. I have had many of these figures since the early nineties and first used them for DBA 1.0 and DBM. As a result of their age, they are looking a trifle battle weary and could do with a spot of R&R to recover. I have not had time for that yet, because of other commitments (see my Towton project blog for more details of that). Nevertheless, I did get around to rebasing the Vikings and that has improved their look no end. One day soon I hope to redo their shields and repaint the chipped areas on each figure too. Still, even now I reckon they are ready for battle. I suppose I had better paint up some opposition for them soon! (click the pic for a larger image)


  1. They look great!!

    Get the opposition painted!

  2. Been busy painting Wars of the Roses stuff, oddly enough! I do have the Saxons and the Normans waiting to be painted. I just need an extra 48 hours in each day so that I have time to get them done.