Monday, 15 February 2010

V-Day - Painted Vikings!

Peter Berry of Baccus sent me some pre-production models of his 6mm Vikings the other day, as I posted earlier. So, my first priority was getting some of them painted and here they are. This is a stand of armoured Vikings. I apologise for my painting standard, although I blame the photographs too because the close up images show every single flaw. I reckon the figures still pass the 3' test quite adequately though. Click the pics for larger images.


  1. Hey, good to get a sneak preview of the latest offerings from Baccus, and a very nice paint job there - great shield designs, let's hope we see some command figs and beserkers wielding axes sometime soon!

  2. Doh! This might actually draw me into yet another project... Looking very good! When will we see the Svinfylking formation? :-)

  3. I might base some up in svinfylking when I paint the next lot. I have been a bit busy with real world(tm) stuff lately and have not got on with the important stuff!