Sunday, 4 July 2010

Coming Soon: Brother Cedric Rides Again

At last I have completed the set for the next Brother Cedric adventure (to be found over on the Talomir Tales blog when we have played it). It has been far too long. Remind me not to embark upon any more large terrain projects in the future! Anyway, here are some shots of the exterior. Interior shots will follow in due course. The terrain is from WorldWorksGames. Click the pictures for larger images.

Treyine soldiers guard the church of St Lindorf (figures by Perry Miniatures)

General shots of the church


  1. wow! that's quite the piece of scenery!!!
    hope you were able to print all that at work :-))

  2. Unfortunately I was not able to print it at work! :-( Still, the cost and effort was worth it despite some geometry problems caused by my old printer. Shots of the interior will follow when we play the game. Hopefully Brother Cedric will survive long enough for you to see the crypts under it too!

  3. That is one beautiful model! Nicely done!