Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Church What I Built

Those of you that read my other blog, Talomir Tales, will already have seen my newest completed terrain. This post is for the rest of you. I have spent rather longer than I ought on building a set for the latest Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures game that we played, but I reckon it was worth it. The game consisted of Steve's character, Brother Cedric, getting into the church and then into the crypts followed by the undercrypt and then finally the denouement in the chambers under the undercrypt. You can read the battle report over on Talomir Tales, so here is just some of the eye candy. More pictures can be found in my Photobucket album. The whole lot is built using Worldworks Games card terrain. Click the pics for larger images.

The Church of St Lindorf

Some of the expensive stained glass windows

The upper level of the church

Ground floor of the church

Beneath the church lies the crypt

Beneath the crypt lies the undercrypt

Beneath the undercrypt lies under the undercrypt

"At last we meet, Brother Cedric. I have been expecting you."


  1. What an impressive piece of terrain. Dare I ask, how many hours of assembly? Will you do others?

  2. I honestly don't know how long the whole thing took to build. The church took the longest in total. I began it about this time last year, but I only worked on it sporadically. The streets and dungeon elements went together comparatively quickly, say a month or two fitted in around other projects and often done while watching television (and nominally keeping my wife company!!). The Undercrypt elements also went together quickly and in a short space of time. The end result has been well worth it.

    In terms of future projects, my plan is to expand the dungeon elements (the crypt) further in the first instance, unless something else grabs my attention. I also plan to expand the town elements and build the villages that feature in our games using the Terrainlinx set-up.

    WWG's new Tlinx sets are brilliant and allow a huge amount of flexibility. I really like them. You can see from this build how they fit together with each other and also how they can be fitted in with the older sets too.

  3. Sweet mother of *****! What an amazing piece of work, fantastic effort!

  4. Thanks, Timbo. I'm glad you appreciate it.