Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Italian Aeronavy

It's been a while since I painted the Italian torpedo flotilla, but I have finally managed to get around to painting the rest of my Italian Aeronefs. So, here is the whole of my Italian fleet overflying Orkney on their way to pay a courtesy visit to the British Aeronavy base at Scapa Flow:

This means that I have painted all of my Brigade Models figures. This is the only company of whom I can say this is true. I guess that means it is time to buy some more figures from them! I quite fancy the Aeroenef over the Aegean scenario pack. A lone Austro-Hungarian 'nef taking on the might of the Turkish Aeronavy is the kind of thing that stirring Boys' Own Tales are made of, and therefore it really appeals to me.


  1. Avanti Italia! Some really nice looking 'Nefs there, I especially like the twin-hulled Dig at the rear.

  2. Do you use ink washes?

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review

  3. Hi, yes, I used Windsor and Newton Nut Brown ink to try to bring out some of the detail. I mix it with Future floor polish, or whatever it is called now, to help it flow into the gaps.

  4. Did you ever Get "Aeronefs over the Aegean"? As the author I'd be interested to know if it lived up to your expectations!

    Great Nefs you have there!

    Yours in a White Wine Sauce

  5. We did get 'Aeronefs over the Aegean' and played it a month or so back. I still have to post some pictures of the game. Unfortunately the brave Italian raider (subbing for the Austro-Hungarian raider) was shot down on its second attempt to bomb the town in the second scenario. The game was good but we felt a bit more guidance on table size for the scenarios would have been in order. Also, it was unclear to us whether the raider had to score hits on six separate sectors of the town with his bombs, or whether it was possible to score multiple hits on one sector and have those count. We plan to try it all again but using inches instead of cm for movement, as is suggested at the start of the scenario book. That will make a significant difference in the survivability of the raider in the second scenario, because it will be on the table for a lot less time.

    Despite these minor issues, we really enjoyed the game and are looking forward to trying it again. I'll try to get something written up soon.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, I'll endeavor to ensure there are no repeats in other supplements currently in hand. By the way, table size was not specified to make it as flexible as possible, but a 6x4 foot table would be the norm.

    I'm really glad that you enjoyed playing it!