Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Orange Blossom Special?

Train, trees, track and village by Irregular Miniatures
Hexes by GHQ and all flocked up by me

I started a Red Actions play by email campaign recently. I am umpiring it and my players (one in Australia and one at the opposite end of England) are busily plotting and counterplotting against each other. Steve and I are refighting the battles for them. You can read how the campaign is progressing on my Red Actions blog, but more importantly, this campaign has inspired me to revisit my WW1 6mm figures.

I have Russians, Austrians, Germans, Italians and British forces available to use but have not played anything with them in ages. These chaps are now proxies for the Estonian and Freikorps forces in our campaign. Railways are important in the campaign and I realised how bad our table looked without proper railways on it, so I ordered an armoured train pack from Irregular Miniatures and some track for making railway tiles. I ordered on the Thursday afternoon and the figures arrived on the Saturday morning. By Sunday they were all painted and I could start fixing railway track to hex tiles. I did the final basic work on the hex tiles this morning.

I chose to keep the train's paint job generic because I have not decided if I am going to choose one particular force to field and I currently want to be able to use it with all the forces available to me. The village and trees are from Irregular Miniatures too. I have had them for years and it shows. I really should get around to repainting them all. The hex tiles are GHQ. It is frustrating that they are not precisely cut but I still like the overall effect and flexibility. As my eyesight deteriorates with age I should become better able to ignore the gaps between the hexes! I also need to return to the hexes I made first and do more work on them because I am not happy with the colour of the scatter material. It is too dark.

Here is the result. An armoured train steaming through the countryside. Let's hope the village and woods do not contain partisans bent on blowing the train up!
(Click the pics for larger images)


  1. Nice stuff, good idea, sounds interesting.

  2. Armoured Trains - far too rare on the table top. Nicely done.

  3. Thanks, chaps. I needed track and it seemed daft not to get an armoured train while I was at it.

    If I choose a faction to collect properly (unlikely) I shall add suitable slogans and flags and things but at present it must remain rather plain.

  4. Now I can't resist.

    I simply HAVE to go into 6mm WW1. You tempt me too much.

    Would you recommend Irregular's WW1 range?


  5. I think that Irregular's WW1 range is one of their better ones. The figures respond well to black undercoat and drybrushing and/or a wash. I'll post some pics of my newly tarted up figures later and you can judge for yourself.