Saturday, 10 December 2011

Crikey, the island's about to explode!

We played Tusk ages ago and I have been meaning to post pics from it but never seemed to get around to it until now. The game involved two groups of Victorian explorers trying to get from one side of the board to the other, where their ship is waiting, before the volcano erupts and tears the island to pieces. Between the explorers and safety is a herd of Tyrannosaurs.
We both set out as fast as we could. I shot at the Tyrannosaurs in a bid to drive them towards Steve's group, but failed miserably in my goal of getting him eaten. He shot at the Tyrannosaurs and managed to kill three of them with his elephant gun, although brave Sir Harry did rather end up on the wrong side of one of them (its inside). As the countdown to doomsday continued, we both raced as fast as we could and managed to get two stands each off the table. My group consisted of hunters with my poor porters being left behind. I cannot remember what Steve's consisted of, only that I exited more points of troops. Still, it was a draw because we both got two stands off the table. Frantic stuff all round and great fun.

Figures: Irregular Miniatures 6mm


  1. Sounds fun - Tusk is one of those games that works at all scales - I've seen it from 6mm to 54mm before today.

    Did you see Mike at Angel Barracks now has the Tusk sets and dinos (scroll up for the sets)?

  2. Hi.

    Yes, I've seen that Michael carries it now too. It's a great fun game and easy to bring out when you have only a little time and want something quick and easy to play. It also has dinosaurs. What more could you want? :-)