Monday, 6 February 2012

Battlemats in CC3

I have been experimenting with making battlemats in Campaign Cartographer 3. The more I use this program, the more I like it. My first efforts were for a Labyrinth Lord game that I ran over the past couple of weeks. I'm a figure gamer at heart so I decided to try printing out the dungeon floorplans from CC3. To my surprise, it worked really well. All I had to do was print the dungeon plan onto 160gsm card, cut out the elements and tape them together as the adventure progressed. Marvellous. CC3's facility for scaling and tiling the dungeon plan worked beautifully. Had I been willing to do so and had more time, I could have cut out each room and glued it to foamboard to make a more permanent set. I chose not to for reasons of expense and utility. The rooms are quite specific to that particular dungeon so reusability is limited. Still, it is an option for another time, when I have more time to think through the best way to do this. Of course, to 'save' money, what I really want now is a table with a rear projection unit built in so that I can just project the floorplans onto the table and save ink!

This is the ground floor of the castle that the players were evicting unwanted tenants from (Click the pics for larger images):
 Here are some photos from the session, showing the battlemat in use:
You'll always find the party in the kitchen
The party leaves a dead giant snake in the storeroom

An encounter with a cleric in the castle's chapel
Massacring defenceless goblins

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