Wednesday, 8 February 2012

More fun with CC3

As I mentioned in my last post, the more I use CC3, the more I like it. This post covers my use of Cosmographer 3, the space add-on.

Our science fiction campaign will hopefully involve space battles at some point. After all, I have a Brigade Models SAC fleet or two sitting in the ULP, awaiting the addition of paint. Our fleets should be fairly small, given the small budgets available to our Pocket Empires, so we plan to use Starmada: Admiralty Edition for our games. Starmada is geared towards hex-grid play and they recommend a playing area of something like 22 hexes by 24 or so. For our purposes, the hexes need to be about 40-50mm across. We could just set up a space mat and play counting each hex as 2" on the table and measuring turns in increments of up to 60 degrees. I have a CorSec Engineering mat for this that I bought as a pdf and printed out. It is nice, but I suddenly got to thinking about how I might do this for myself in CC3 using Cosmographer. Hey presto, a couple of hours later I had a battle mat that I can print out for our games. It has a 2" hex grid and measures approximately 44" by 44". It still needs some fettling, but here is the Mk1 version for your delectation and edification (Click the image for a larger version):
I can't wait to start playing games on this, but first I need to buy some more ink! :-) I have also noticed that the more I work with CC3, the more I want to play with it and produce more maps. Perhaps I should give up wargaming as a hobby and take up map-making instead!

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