Wednesday, 4 April 2012

April Objective - Urban War

S: "We have not played Urban War in a while."
R: "True."
S: "We should play more Urban War. It's good fun."
R: "Yes, it is. I agree. Right, so we are going to play some Urban War in the near future."
S: "Yes."
Time passes. Urban War remains unplayed. The conversation repeats again. More time passes. Urban War remains unplayed. The conversation repeats in March 2012. This time it has a little addition.
R: "So, why don't we make Urban War our April project?"
S: "Great idea. Let's do it. I have some figures still to paint for Urban War."

As a result of this, our April objective is to paint our remaining Urban War figures and play a game of UW: CLAU Team Actions. I only have a small number of figures to paint for my forces so I shall continue with my secondary objective of completing my Bwendi sci-fi forces. They have continued to make slow but steady progress since the beginning of the year and I now have a full company of infantry painted and based. The first tank troop is on the painting table and is mostly done, and the APCs have their first coat of paint. So, 15mm sci-fi is progressing. I have enough to play a company-sized infantry battle and we can return to Tomorrow's War to see if we can actually learn the rules. Pictures of the Bwendi will follow when the vehicles are completed.

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