Saturday, 31 March 2012

March Objective Achieved!

My plan for March was to get a small WW2 skirmish force painted. I have painted a platoon of late-war British infantry with a little extra support. I already had a Sherman and a Stuart painted from before so the lads can have a bit of armoured support. After taking the photos it occurred to me that I had not painted any badges onto the troops. I need to do a bit of research so that they can have proper unit identification and greater esprit de corps, but they are perfectly usable as is. Click the pics as usual for larger images.

The whole platoon

Command section including additional support from battalion (Vickers HMG, Sniper and a PIAT)
1 Section (9 men plus Bren)
2 section (organised as 1 section)
3 section (organised as 1 section)
 So, that's the late war troops ready for action. We did manage to get a couple of small USEME games played this month. I took no photos in the first one, which is probably just as well because it was an ignominious defeat for me, but I managed some photos of the second game and will post a report later.

Peter Pig
Of the two, I prefer the sculpts of the Peter Pig figures, but the QRF figures add extra poses for variety.


  1. They look good, which rules are you going to use for them?


  2. Thanks, Steve. We are using USEME WW2 from