Friday, 23 March 2012

Gaining Impetus - Vikings versus Saxons in Hooliganism Shocker

Well, we did no gaming in February, but managed to get a couple of games of Impetus played in March. I am only now getting round to posting about them. I took photos in the first game but most of them were out of focus and unusable. My fault for not checking what setting I had the camera on! I completely forgot to photograph the second game. Probably just as well because the Saxons won!

We really enjoyed playing Impetus. It went slowly as we learnt the rules and had to check everything twice in the rule book, but overall it was an enjoyable experience and we liked the way the game flowed. We shall certainly play a lot more Impetus as and when time allows. Here's the only photos that I thought were worth keeping (click the pics for larger images):
The Vikings in the foreground chose to deploy in one line. The Saxons deployed a flanking unit across the stream.

The Saxons advanced piecemeal from their position on the hill, while the heroic Viking commander tried to keep his line together and only detached troops from the end of the line to secure the flank.


  1. Looks good, is there a basic Impetus Viking list? 6mm Vikings Saxons and Normans on my list of to-do projects.......

    I Think im going to go with 80mm frontages this time though!


  2. Yes, there are lists for Vikings, Saxons and Normans for Basic Impetus. The Vikings list is not quite right for 1066, because it includes berserkers, but it will certainly give you a decent game. I think the Vikings list is actually in an earlier list than the 1066 lists so you will need to check the website for them. 80mm frontage would probably look really good for this period. Loads of Vikings on each stand. Brilliant stuff. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.