Wednesday, 29 February 2012

March Objective - 15mm WW2 and SciFi

My primary objective for March is to paint my late war British troops for a forthcoming game or three of USEME WW2 from I only have a couple of sections plus a few extras to paint, because that is all the figures I actually have and I don't really need many more. If I achieve all of this quickly then I shall move on to my LRDG forces for the western desert. I have more of those, but Steve wanted to do late war because that is what he has figures for. I might have to give him my Afrika Korps figures and force him to paint them for a Rat Patrol style game. Now that sounds like a nicely evil plan!

My secondary objective  for February was to paint some of my 15mm sci-fi stuff for our forthcoming campaign. I managed to slap some paint on some of my troops but did not make much progress really, so I shall continue with this is my secondary objective for March too. My plan is to put together a small battlegroup comprising a battalion of mechanised infantry, an armoured squadron and a scout troop. I don't actually have all the figures needed to complete the infantry battalion but I do have the rest. The infantry currently lack APCs for one company and for the command team. If I complete my objectives for this month then I shall treat myself to the required vehicles.
Bwendi Mechanised Battlegroup

The BMB (I really need a better acronym for this lot) is organised as follows:
Infantry Platoon
  • 1 command fireteam (1 platoon commander, 1 LAW operator, 1 sniper and 1 spotter)
  • 4 infantry fireteams (1 team leader, 2 riflemen and 1 SAW gunner)
  • 1 IFV with 75mm hypervelocity cannon carrying the command fireteam
  • 2 IFVs with 20mm autocannon carrying two fireteams each

Infantry Company
  • 1 command group (1 company commander, 1 Autocannon with three crew)
  • 1 IFV with 20mm autocannon and AT missile launcher carrying the command group
  • 2 infantry platoons
Infantry Battalion
  • 1 battalion command group (battalion commander and his driver/ADC)
  • 1 light scout vehicle with twin HMG carrying the battalion command group
  • 2 RAM mortars each with two crew
  • 1 IFV with 20mm autocannon and AT missile launcher carrying the mortar teams

Scout Troop
  • 2 light scout vehicles with twin HMG
  • 1 light scout vehicle with triple missile launcher
The scouts may dismount as two man teams

Tank Troop
  • 1 command MBT with hi-energy laser cannon
  • 2 MBTs with 120mm hypervelocity cannon
 Tank Squadron
  • 1 command MBT with hi-energy laser cannon
  • 1 skysweeper anti-aircraft unit on MBT chassis
  • 2 tank troops

Infantry: Ground Zero Games New Israelis
APCs: QRF modern South African Ratels with bits from GZG models added
Tanks: GZG Cougar MBT
Scout vehicles: Brigade Models Javelot dune buggy


  1. Excellent looking force. I hope you have a lot of good games with UM003 USE ME World War Two.


    Gavin Syme

  2. Thanks, Gavin, I really need to get the battle report for the games we played written up. The rules played well. We have a whole pile of the other USEME rules and plan to play those too.