Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Primary Objective Achieved - More Vikings

So, I managed to achieve my pitifully small objective for February. Yup, I have added five more stands of Vikings to the army, thus making it possible to field a 300 point Impetus army. Getting painting this month has proven difficult for any number of reasons that I shall not enumerate here. Suffice to say that it was a miracle I found any time to paint at all, and I have not played a single game this month either, which is most disappointing. Click the pics below for larger images.

The New Vikings
The new Vikings comprise three stands of Baccus armoured spearmen and two stands of armoured axemen. I have used some of the mounted Vikings from the character pack to make these two stands of axement distinctive, because I intend to use them as guard huskarls, of which I am allowed two stands. This makes the stands more distinctive and adds a bit of character, as well as making it easier to differentiate the different stand types. Guard have a couple of mounted generals on them; veteran are just axemen; and run-of-the-mill huskarls are armoured spearmen. When I get around to painting the unarmoured spearmen, they will be the hird, as they are called in the lists (Don't get me started on that one!).

A 300 point Viking army for Impetus

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  1. They look awesome. I envy your quality and speed painting!