Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bwendi Militia receive transport

President Throckmorton P. Gladiolus proudly announced last night that the Bwendi army had received its first consignment of the new Throckwoddle Industries Bullfrog All-Terrain Truck. Throckwoddle Gladiolus, CEO of Throckwoddle Industries, declared that he was pleased to have been able to do his patriotic duty in selling these trucks to the army. Minister for Procurement and Defence, Throckwoddle Gladiolus, stated that this was an historic moment. No longer would the Bwendi militia have to take taxis or the bus into battle. Now they had their own dedicated transport and the army would save a fortune on bus and taxi fares, and compensation payments for damaged public transport.

Captain Pangloss of the militia is quoted as saying, "These are surely the best of all possible trucks. Our militia troops here on Bwendi Prime and on our outworld colonies will surely benefit from their versatility."

A squad of Bwendi militia parade in front of their new transport:

Imperial Commander - Wheeled Softskin, Hull Class 2, Turreted MG, Autoranger, carries up to 10 passengers, 2 Crew (paid for separately), 34 points.
5150 - Hard Armour, DV 1, 1*HMG, Wheeled, Speed 16/12, Crew 2, 136 points.

The trucks and cargo crates are 15mm Ground Zero Games. Infantry by


  1. Looking great the flatbeds look very sci-fi. I have one unbuilt that I must put together! So many projects...

  2. So many projects, so little time! I know the feeling. I love these Bulldogs now that I have some. They have that AK47 Republic feel to them while still retaining a good scifi look. I also have made some pallets of supplies that fit into the back of them using GZG supply packs, so I can easily use them for supply convoys. I just need to paint the supply pallets next.

  3. Looking good! I bet the next time pirates hit Bwendi, they are surprised at these professional looking trucks!

    But won't angry hacks tip them off, thanks to the loss of fare?

  4. Now that might make for an interesting scenario. Disgruntled taxi drivers try to block the progress of the militia and get them to use taxis instead of trucks. Can the militia negotiate the taxi ranks and defeat the ADF? :-)

    I'm not sure how angry the hacks would be though. After all, they only get paid for damage or destruction of their taxis and not for loss of earnings while waiting for a government department to sort out the compensation payment. I might have to run an expose in The Bwendi Bugle about government departments deliberately losing compensation paperwork ...

    For that matter I really should write up all my Bwendi background material.