Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Rather Large Award-Winning Towton Project

The team took the Towton game to Salute last weekend. I could not make it because my friend had chosen to get married that day but it seems to have been a successful day even without my micro-management, because they came away with the Most Impressive Troops trophy. Nice. There's more about the show, including more photos over on the Towton project blog but here's a couple of photos just for the Ooh Shiny Complex followers. Click the images for larger versions.

0900 on a snowy Palm Sunday in 1461. Shivering, the troops line up as snow begins to fall:

As they realise that their arrows are not reaching the Yorkist lines, the Lancastrians begin their advance across Towton Dale:

Norfolk falls like a slightly asthmatic lion on the Lancastrian flank. The Lancastrian rout begins.


  1. Nice! - and congratulations on the prize - richly deserved.

  2. It was a very well done and good looking game, congratulations on the award.

  3. Thanks, chaps. It is good to know that our efforts are appreciated. The question remains about how to top this for next year though.

  4. This layout was stunning! I was only 2 tables further up from the first shot with my Gruntz participation game. I was very impressed by the light covering of snow on this board, modellers will often go for a total white board to represent snow and I don't think it works where as this powder snow really made it stand out.

  5. Thank you, inrepose. I have seen photos of your Gruntz game and am impressed with that. Wish we had such good 15mm terrain for our sci fi games!