Thursday, 7 April 2011

Only one week until Salute

I now have a complete single iteration of the order of battle painted, based and ready to field. The last of the flags went on today. That's 288 stands with around 8500 figures in total on them. These photos were taken before I had finished all my figures so there are some gaps in the lines:

The terrain is completed, all 18' by 4' of it. There are just a couple of tasks left to do:
  1. Print orders of battle for the game;
  2. Print display material;
  3. Rely on the other team members to turn up with their figures;
  4. Work out how to fit everything in Steve's car.
I shall not be at Salute because my friend has decided to get married that day but the other team members will be there for you to talk to and the game will be there for you to ogle. I hope you enjoy it.

The orders of battle (each square represents one stand):


  1. Looking forward to seeing this at Salute.

  2. I just hope it lives up to expectations.

  3. It was simply amazing, well done to all involved.

  4. Thanks, Steve, it is good to be appreciated! I am pleased you liked the game.