Thursday, 26 January 2012

Aeronef over the Aegean - Photo-Report

We played this game absolutely ages ago and I have been promising myself that I shall publish it here, but I have never got round to it until now. Both Steve and I enjoy Aeronef and we both bought the Aeronef over the Aegean supplement when it came out. Steve also bought the scenario pack from Brigade Models so that he would have all the right figures for it. Because Steve had the Turks, I chose to use an Italian 'nef from my fleet as the raider. We gave it exactly the same stats as the Austro-Hungarian 'nef that is written into the scenario and just assumed that the Italo-Turkish War happened a tad earlier than in our timeline. I have been interested in this particular war for some time, particularly because it was the first war to feature aerial bombardment.

Anyway, you don't want to read me blathering on, so on with the pictures. I apologise in advance for the vividness of the Mediterranean in them. Steve produced all the terrain for this game and his ground cloth was rather bright!

Scenario 1
The Italian raider must navigate across the Med to Turkish held areas in his quest for revenge. Turkish 'nefs are in the area and may escape to warn the others back home, unless the Italian 'nef can get there before them, either by blowing them out of the sky or by just being quicker.

Four Turks went to fight an Italian raider:
 And then there were three:
 And then there were two:

The Italians made mincemeat of the Turks and crossed the Med easily with minimal damage.

Scenario 2
The Italians must bomb the town into submission so that the mayor will tell him where his target is.

An unsuccessful bombing run. Turkish reinforcements are already arriving:
 The Italians attempt to withdraw to reload and return again tomorrow:

The Italians return to try to succeed on the second go, but are met with even greater Turkish reinforcements:

All too soon the poor Italian raider is overcome. This picture was taken moments before the Italian 'nef plummeted burning to the sea:

The poor Italian raider suffered heavily from the war balloons. This things are nasty! We never got to the third scenario but are going to try the mini-campaign again with a few rules amendments:

The campaign supplement suggests using inches instead of cm for movement but retaining the standard weapons ranges. This would make some aspects of the campaign easier for the Italians.
Discussion with the supplement's author informs me that the scenarios are designed for a 6' by 4' table using the above movement change. We shall do that next time too.
Bombing the town should be done using the rules from The Captain's Handbook. This would make it more feasible to actually succeed at the bombing run, so we shall use that too.

I am really looking forward to trying this mini-campaign again with these rules changes. It was fun before; I bet it will be a proper hoot next time.


  1. Those look really good, nicely done.....

  2. Great to see the Baron in action again! And wonderful to see others enjoying the fruits of our labour too :-)

    I've posted a link to your campaign report here:

    Glad you had fun!