Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Project ... Success!

The January project is complete. I now have enough 6mm Vikings for a 200 point Impetus army. I did not achieve my secondary objective of painting enough for a 300 point army, but that is not particularly surprising given how the Real World(tm) impinges upon my time. On the other hand, I did manage to paint a whole bunch of casualty markers for the Vikings. So, without further ado, here is the Viking army:

Figures: Baccus 6mm
Bases: ERM 2mm mdf
Basing: Baccus basing system
Overview of the whole force
Viking axemen (used as veteran and guard huskarls)
Viking spearmen (ordinary huskarls)
Viking archers
Viking javelineers (basically spearman strips cut up)
 And, just in case the worst happens, here are the casualty markers, based on plastic 20mm dia. slottabases:

The next part of this project will involve expanding the army and adding more casualty bases. I also need to sort out some disorder markers, but am undecided quite how to do these last. Casualty bases differentiated by having a red edge might be one way. Alternatively, a few 'live' figures cut from strips and placed at random and facing in all directions on a round base might be the way to go. This could require buying more figures though. Still, I met my target so I am allowed to do this by the terms of my agreement with myself. I shall wait and see. Now to sort out the February project.


  1. Truly excellent stuff, very detailed....

  2. Thank you. Let's hope I can keep up the productivity for February and produce a truly epic Viking horde! :-) The figures do not take that long to paint but finding spare time to paint them in seems to be a problem.

  3. Very well done they look great, personally id go with the red edged casualty markers for disorder...

    Good to see you have stayed focused on one project...Unlike me who paints quite alot but doesn't seem to get anywhere:)

    Im going to try and follow your example.