Monday, 2 July 2012

June: the conclusion and into July

So, that was June, eh? It went by rather quickly with too little progress. No progress was made on terrain. I did manage to finish off some 28mm figures and some more 15mm sci-fi, as reported in this post. Since then, I have painted 33 more 15mm figures for the Bwendi army. I finished painting them on 30th June but have only finished basing them today. Their IFVs are currently sitting on my painting table in a basic olive drab and awaiting some proper colouring. Not much to show for a whole month really.

Despite the lack of painting, I did get some good gaming in. We played a couple of games of Rally round the King, which were both most excellent, and I have played some solitaire ASL. So, gaming has not been too bad but we did fail to get our May project figures used in a game this month.

My next problem is what to focus on for July. I have way too many projects in storage and have no enthusiasm for any of them at the moment. I wonder if my July project should be to bag up and sell my ULP in its entirety. Then I could start all over again with a resolution to be more discriminating in my enthusiasms!

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