Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Clearing Gudbrandsdal - SASL Mission End

German Turn 7. Time to cross that rather open terrain ahead of us. Good job it is raining heavily. That should cover my advance. Roll for Wind Change: 3. Rain stops. Suddenly that ground ahead of us is thick, claggy mud with increased visibility for the Frenchies on the other side of it. I rearranged my forces and used the orchards in the centre right to cover my advance party.
French Turn 7. It started raining again. What's the betting it stops raining on the German turn again?

Well, the rain kept up and the Germans were able to advance across to the next village without triggering too many French attacks. My scouts found out the hard way that the next village was occupied. They broke and some of the men disappeared. Leutnant Furstenback manoeuvres into position to bring the HMG to bear on the village. The rest of the troops continue to move up.
The village is occupied by a few French troops
Suddenly the German sniper wakes up and breaks the French squad in the village (random event). Meanwhile the French sniper has broken a German crew. The French in the top centre have broken a couple of German squads in the village but their days are numbered as Lt Furstenback brings the weight of the HMG to bear on them. The leader and one squad break, but they other goes berserk. No worries about that. It will have to charge over open ground to get to the German lines next turn. Plenty of opportunity to scythe the Frenchies down.
Village cleared but a French squad has gone berserk (orange counter at the top)
German Turn 10. The turn begins with a random event. A pioneer platoon has decided to join the fray from the right flank. I wonder if they will get to the fight before it is over. The troops fire everything they have at the Frenchies in the building but fail to destroy them all. Some of the troops advance. The pioneers race up the road hoping there will be some wine left in the villages. At the end of the German part of Turn 10 I roll for game end. The game ends.
Game over
Final Scores
French: 9 VP
Germans: 16.5 VP
German win

Rest and Refit Phase
Three half squads had been broken and one LMG. One of the half squads is a permanent loss but the other two return shamefacedly to the company and the LMG is fixed.

In the after battle reports, Lt Furstenback is written up and receives a promotion from 9-2 to 10-2. Henceforth he will be known as Kaptein Praxa.
Two squads have gained experience and rise from 2nd Line to 1st Line.
One 1st Line replacement squad is also received to replace losses received over the course of the campaign. The company is now only one half squad short of a full complement.

That was a much easier campaign scenario than some I have played. There were fewer S? markers indicating the possible presence of enemy troops and a large chunk of those present were either poor quality troops or turned out not to have anything there. It's nice to get an easier scenario like this every so often, because Solitaire ASL can be brutal. Now to see what mission the troops will get next. It will be in Norway again but the dice could offer almost anything up.

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