Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mid-June Progress Update - Painted Figures!!!!!

First up, some figures that have been sitting on my painting table part-painted for about a year. I finally got sick of seeing them sitting there and slapped some paint onto them quickly just to get them out of the way. Gods, I love the smell of dip in the morning!
28mm Barbax Gutripper (manufacturer forgotten)
These figures to represent Barbax Gutripper (from our Talomir Tales campaign) looked great unpainted on the stand at Derby over a year ago. Unfortunately, when it came to painting her, I suddenly found myself disliking the figures for no readily apparent reason. So, following some initial block painting, I finally decided to colour in the last bits, dip her, add some highlights and have done. A workman-like job if not top quality painting, but it will suffice for my purposes.

28mm Handgunners (manufacturer forgotten)
More figures for our Talomir Tales campaign. These guys were bought at the same time as Barbax above and suffered the same fate, although more due to my dislike of painting 28mm figures than my taking against the figures themselves. I just never felt inspired so they too have suffered the same way Barbax did.

15mm grav sled gunners (GZG)
15mm grav sled with gunners installed in the back
Bwendi grav sleds are used much like the technical of old. I stuck the gun and gunners onto a card pallet so that I could use the gun either on its own or in any of my transport vehicles. It slots neatly into the back of the grav sled or into the back of my GZG Bulldog trucks. Hey presto, instant convoy guard.

15mm Bwendi infantry company command (IFVs by QRF; dune buggy by Brigade Models; infantry by GZG)
The Bwendi infantry company is led by a command platoon that consists of the commander and his RTO in a Mebebque-class light transport vehicle with triple missile launcher turret and two weapons sections. The first weapons section consists of two heavy machinegun teams and the section commander. The second section consists of two RAFRAM mortars and the section commander. Both weapons sections are transported in a Callixalus ZT3 IFV armed with a 20mm autocannon and triple ATGM launcher to provide defensive fire support. The comms gear of the command platoon is closely tied in to the company scout troop to provide fire wherever needed on the battlefield.

The Landfall Monument (Peter Pig and Hirst Arts)
It is a longstanding Bwendi tradition to build a monument on the spot where they first set foot in a place that they intend to settle. The Landfall Monument on Banasdan shows the first Colonel Throckmorton P. Gladiolus surveying the newly united Ztumsia. It is built of local stone, as is traditional with a bronze statue atop the plinth. Since moving out to the stars, many Bwendi settlements now feature a similar Landfall Monument with the statue looking towards the point of first landfall.

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  1. Well done - its always very satisfying to complete long underway projects! That Landfall monument is great!