Thursday, 7 June 2012

More 15mm Sci Fi - Bwendi logistics and tanks

I put the finishing touches to these last night. First up is a GZG grav sled. This was a freebie with the Christmas special offer and came with a rotary cannon and two crew for the back. I have based the cannon and crew separately so that they will fit in the back of this grav sled, but I can also field them dismounted or use the sled for cargo. I have a number of cargo modules based up on 'pallets' designed to fit in the back of my trucks and other transports. I like flexibility!
Grav sled bringing supplies to the front.

The unladen grav sled returning home
I also completed the tank platoon for Bwendi 2300. All tanks are from GZG and are based on the Cougar chassis. The platoon consists of one command troop (1 command tank and 1 anti-aircraft tank), and two tank troops (1 command tank and 2 other tanks). The command tanks are armed with a large energy cannon barrel. I have not decided yet how that fits the Bwendi 2300 background yet, but it may become a 300mm close-support gun, because that is the approximate size of the barrel. The anti-aircraft tank has a twin 40mm autocannon set-up. The ordinary tanks carry 150mm hypervelocity smoothbore guns. All have the latest communications arrays and grid links, as well as natty little pennants with the Golden Frog of Bwendi on them.
All tanks on parade
All tanks showing off their best sides!


  1. Like the pennants. Quite stylish. Stuff like this makes me consider getting into 15mm sci fi.

  2. Thank you. I always think that it's the little details you add that make the figures.

    15mm sci fi seems to be in a bit of a golden age at the moment and is cheap enough that you can buy a fairly wide variety of kit relatively cheaply, so it could be worth your while if you do not mind expanding your unpainted lead pile.

  3. You're paintint a lot lately :)
    Lovely camo on the tanks.
    Which rules are you going to use withe them, Tomorrow's War?

  4. Thanks. It's not that I am painting a lot, so much as that I am finishing off all the half-finished things that have been lurking in my man cave for ages! :-)

    Tomorrow's War is one of the rules sets we plan to use. That will be the starting point for a mini-campaign, but we also plan to play 5150, FWC, Critical Mass, Strike Legion, Striker 2 and Laserburn/Imperial Commander. I'm sure we have other rules that we could use kicking around, but those are the main ones for now. The idea is to put together an insanely large campaign that uses all of the rules we enjoy playing!

  5. I know. It is a glorious state to be in. :-) I do actually hope that our need to experiment with rules leads to a reduction in the rules we play through attrition as we gravitate towards one set for each of skirmish, company level and army level. However, I also know that Steve and I both suffer from shinyitis ...