Wednesday, 6 June 2012

May Progress - The Bwendi Army Takes Shape

May did not provide much opportunity for painting, but I did manage to get a bit done on the 15mm sci-fi project. Mostly I spent May marking undergraduate essays and exams. The horror, the horror! For that matter, what idiot thought that feed-forward was a good idea? I mean, that does not even make sense when compared the proper meaning of feedback. Sure it must have sounded like a good idea to them, because of the superficial relationship linguistically between the 'forward' and 'back' elements, but it totally misses the point of what feedback really means and how it should be implemented. Oh, I despair for the human race. Rant over.

The Bwendi army is really taking shape now. I have completed two platoons of infantry and a bunch of other odds and ends. So, rather than wasting verbiage, here are some pictures that should massively increase the effective word count of this post:
Two platoons of Bwendi infantry
 As you can see, one platoon is based individually, while the other is based on stands. My reasoning is that if a game gets so large that I shall need more than just one platoon of infantry, then my laziness will indicate a willingness to compromise on how I position the figures. That is, I don't want to waste all night moving individual figures. (Infantry by GZG. Vehicles by QRF with bits from GZG added)

The standard Bwendi infantry platoon consists of:
1 command section comprising:
  • 1 lieutenant
  • 1 RTO-grid specialist
  • 1 senior sergeant
  • 1 runner
  • 1 sniper team comprising sniper and spotter
  • 1 GMS team comprising gunner and loader.
3 rifle sections, each comprising 3 rifle teams. Each rifle team has:
  • 1 team leader
  • 1 rifleman
  • 1 gunner
The gunner in the lead team carries an advanced combat rifle and a light missile launcher. The gunners in the other two fire teams each carry a heavy advanced combat rifle.

Transport for each platoon is provided by 4 Callixalus-class IFVs. The command section has a command IFV with 90mm hypervelocity cannon, while the standard IFV features a 20mm autocannon. Each IFV has a crew of two: driver and commander/gunner
1 Platoon

Close-up of the command IFV (left) with a standard IFV
Close-up of a standard IFV

1st (Salisbury) Scouts

Named for the scout troop to which one of the first Colonel Gladiolus belonged, the 1st (Salisbury) Scouts fulfil the role of forward observer, scout and sniper at various times. The scout troop comprises three HAMR teams led by a Sixer, who is also the spotter for the first team. The spotter on each of the other teams is a Seconder, who provides leadership for those teams when they are working individually. Each team has a Mebebque-class light transport armed with twin MGs and a sophisticated communications array that permits the team to request and control indirect fire from whatever level they have been given permission to access. This can include taking control of company command missile launchers or even ortillery when the need arises. (Figures by GZG. Vehicles by Brigade Models)
Fixed position missile launcher and an anti-tank MAWP
These are both freebies that I received with orders to GZG at Christmas. I am not sure how to fit them into a skirmish game easily, although the ML could be an objective for the enemy to destroy. I would like a few more of the ML so I can fix them into a firebase for the enemies of Bwendi to attack. The ML represents the sort of standard firepower available to the scouts. The MAWP could also be attached to the scouts when they are in a tank-hunter role, or it might be attached to the infantry when in a static role. To my mind it is unlikely to have the speed to keep up with the IFVs when travelling. Perhaps I need a version of it on a trailer for the IFVs to tow.
The Colonel with his missile-launcher armed Mebebque-class light transport and his new bodyguard
I bought these Vadorian assassins from Critical Mass a while back because I liked the figures and I thought they might be good as 15mm Xeogs for 5150. They are now the Colonel's elite bodyguard. The missile-launcher armed dune buggy is a Brigade Models Javelot. The idea is to provide company commanders with one of these each. They and their runner can use it as a mobile command post, and the scouts can call on its firepower to help dig the infantry out of holes.
Survey team and transport
The Phlyctimantis-class heavy survey transport carries a massive sensor array for planetary survey duties. It is usually one of the first vehicles to be deployed on any non-hostile planet, usually with a team of four survey scouts. I painted this because it was looking at me hard, even though it is not directly related to the main Bwendi project.


  1. What are those QRF wheelers?

  2. They are South African Ratel 20s. All I have done is add a radome at the back that was spare from my GZG stuff and change the gun on one of them to make the command model.