Saturday, 9 June 2012

15mm Imperial Strike Force for 'Alien Squad Leader'

I painted these figures ages ago as a one of the many versions of my Bwendi army. I have decided to repurpose them for Alien Squad Leader. Therefore I have rebased them. I did the rebasing ages ago but only got around to finishing it off last night as part of my tidying up old projects project. Now that I see them rebased, I am also contemplating experimenting with using these same bases for some of the larger skirmish games, such as Imperial Commander, to see how multi-basing affects the rules.

The force consists of:
Infantry -
  • 2 Command Shocktrooper stands
  • 3 Shocktrooper stands
  • 2 Support Shocktrooper stands
  • 1 Elite Assault Shocktrooper stand
  • All infantry have jump packs.
Transport -
  • 1 APC with Heavy Weapons

This gives 116 points of troops. To make a standard 100 point force, which seems to be the entry-level force, I would remove one of the Command Shocktrooper stands. If the ASQL game goes well, then I shall expand this force, but first I need to get their Redemptionist Rebel opponents painted. As is the case with most of my 15mm sci-fi figures, I have a massive overstock of Laserburn figures, so using them for alternative rules that call for different basing is one way of getting them into play. If I then do not like the rules, at least I have painted the figures and can rebase them or sell them as I feel is best come the time.


  1. Nice painting!
    BTW, I'm selling my LaserBurn figures. If you're interested check my blog:

    Sorry if this is not the right place to post it, please delete it.

  2. Hi Javier,

    No worries about posting your link. I don't need any more Laserburn figures, but hopefully someone will find yours useful. I actually still have LB figures awaiting painting that I bought in the eighties, when I thought it would be a good idea to be able to field every possible option in the Imperial, Lord Knight and Red Redemptionist lists in Imperial Commander!