Saturday, 23 June 2012

Clearing Gudbrandsdal - SASL mission continued

The village in the centre is proving to be a hard nut to crack, so I concentrated more troops on it and poured as much fire as I could into the FFL troops there. One of the half-squads went Berserk and charged my troops, only to get cut down in the pouring rain. Did I mention that the rain had got even heavier? Well it had. Eventually, a lucky shot took out their leader but the FFL don't need no steenkin' leaders. They promptly got snake-eyes on the morale check and went Fanatic. Yikes!
Fanatic Frenchies!
My machine-guns kept up their fire but it just was not enough.
Time for a swift and decisive show of force.
On the right flank I had managed to get my troops to charge the enemy in the building with bayonets and grenades, but getting the troops into position to do this had cost me some men. A first-line squad broke and reduced to a second-line half-squad. I was going to have to do the same in the village in the middle. Charge! The fight was tough but my men reduced the enemy and then destroyed them without any losses. Yippee. That's one third of the map cleared.
The situation at the end of turn 6. I now control this much road.
I am now at the end of turn 6. I start rolling for game end from turn 10. I think I may not have pushed hard enough and fast enough to win this, but we shall see. My main mistake was not reading the rules about road networks. As a result, I set up S? markers on the left flank, where there should have been none and spent time destroying them when I did not need to. RTFM, Mr D. Anyway, the next part of the mission is to cross that rather open board in the middle. The grain is not in season, so there is no cover there. The orchards will provide some cover, and the heavy rain is a godsend in terms of cover, even if the mud makes moving slower. My wife is not home from work yet, so there might just be time for another turn ...

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