Friday, 8 June 2012

June project?

I have just realised that we are eight days into June and I have not set myself a target for the month. I'm not actually sure what I should do. I have a vague notion of making terrain, because I need some for a WHAA scenario I have in mind that will feature one of Brother Cedric's minions infiltrating the illegal fighting pits of Treyine. I also need more 15mm sci fi terrain, so I should aim to get some of that done too, but I am not sure I have the enthusiasm for scratch-building terrain right now. I am also in a bit of a quandary about exactly how to build my sci fi terrain. I don't want to start building it as free-standing items and then change my mind half-way through to terrain modules. I am currently torn between just playing on a cloth or flocked board with free-standing terrain elements or building a set of terrain modules. I think I would prefer the latter, but my usual GHQ terrainmaker system is currently leaving me dissatisfied because of the poor quality control. I have done a little experimentation with making my own hexes using a template and a hot-wire cutter. That seems to work nicely enough. For 15mm I think I should make 6" hexes instead of 4" so a trip to B&Q to pick up a sheet of 1" polystyrene is in order. At £7 or so for an 8' x 4' sheet, I should have plenty with just one sheet for a small set. Not sure how I would fit it in the car though! :-)

So, all that rambling aside, my goal for June is to work out what my goal for June is. Well, sort of. I plan to continue painting 15mm sci fi, clearing up several half-finished projects. I shall review the terrain issue and hopefully get on with making some more terrain but I am not going to commit to much of anything, because I have too much 'real' work to do that will get in the way of the fun stuff.

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