Sunday, 27 July 2014

3-6 Thaumont 1000AC - Rechyndyr to Threshold

The day was cold, but the journey to Rifflian went without incident. Broneslav was keen to get there because it had been several days since he had enjoyed the comforts of a town. He planned to splurge on ale and a good bed for the night, before setting off the next day towards Verge, which he hoped to reach late the following day.

The 4th was a freezing morning and Broneslav was not amused at having to break the ice on the water bucket to wash his face that morning. He was soon on his way and feeling warmer from the exercise. Like the day before, he encountered no trouble and the rest of his journey to Threshold passed in similar fashion with little to remark on apart from the sheer dinginess and squalor of the inn at the eastern entrance to the mountain pass on the Threshold road.

Broneslav was pleased to reach Threshold by lunchtime on the 6th. To celebrate he took the rest of the day off and splurged on food, a bath and expensive wine. He would deliver the message on the morrow and look for paid work to fill his rapidly depleting purse.

Meanwhile, in New Chossum ...

Notes: No encounters at all heading north. The map is untidy around the edges because I have been fiddling with adding in detail and have realised that my original efforts do not accord with various other maps I have. In the end this will be my version of Karameikos, but I would like it to be relatively close to the various other versions available online and especially with the smaller scale maps printed in the gazetteers and D&D Cyclopaedia. You can view various maps I have used as inspiration at the Vaults of Pandius.

The lack of encounters led me to dice up a few things to do with Marta. Her adventures will be documented in the next few posts as I run her through a solo urban adventure using the rules in Scarlet Heroes.

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