Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Gratuitous Kitten Photos for Javier

We lost one of our cats earlier this year. She was 16 and suffered liver failure. It was very sad, because she used to keep me company by sitting on the edge of my desk while I was working. Occasionally it was an obstruction because she liked to sit on my books and notes, but I did not mind.
Jasmine helping me reorganise my office
Since then our other cat has been enjoying the pleasure of being lone cat in the house. That was until we went to our local Cats Protection League shelter to get him a companion. As it happened, they had a few cats of a suitable age that would have been perfect. However, as soon as the lady at the CPL learned that we had no children she redirected us to the kittens section. She had a glut of kittens. As a result, we came home with two feral kittens. Yes, feral. Sounds about right for us. They have been with us for five weeks now and are much more domesticated but it has taken some effort on our part and a lot of bribery with food.
First day at home. We used most of those plasters after handling the kittens
Fortunately, after the first couple of weeks they started to fit in better.
Viking Verity
Then I learnt that they may not have been feral after all. It seems that they were just gamers.
Proof that my recessed gaming table can preserve board games beneath the drop leaves despite the best efforts of kittens


  1. Sorry about the loss of your cat, really sad when it finally happens.
    Those two new kitties remind me of mine when they came home for the first time. Little cutey loutish furballs :)
    Thanks for the pics and enjoy your new family :P

    1. Thank you, Javier. It is always sad to lose a cat that has been with you for a long time.

      I think you have just perfectly described my kittens: 'cutey loutish furballs'. Yes, that is a perfect description for them. Nothing is safe from them. :)