Wednesday, 30 July 2014

5 Thaumont 1000AC - Marta's Story, Part 2

The assassin was careless. What a schmuck! I did not even need to rough him up. A quick word in the shell-like of a guard and the assassin was in pokey facing the usual bad guard worse guard routine. The target would know I was around now. Good. They might slip up. I still needed to get them out in the open, so I needed to cause more carnage. I had a plan for that.

Notes: The action scene was 'Sabotage a tool, evidence or ally'. Marta easily passed the check.

Time for some fun. I had stashed the Elf at a brothel owned by some 'friends'. It catered to alternative tastes and I reckoned that his image would be spoilt by being found there. There was this mug called Anastasios at the Bitter Oak tavern. He hung out there like a bad smell and occasionally did a bit of looking into things or sword work. He would make a great patsy, so I let it be known that the Elf might be worth shaking down and where he could be found. I didn't have to tell Anastasios twice. You coulda heard the Elf howl on the other side of Karameikos. I reckon the target musta heard it too. Might be the target tried to off the Elf now, or maybe make the problem go away another way. I just needed to watch and wait.

Notes: I chose another action scene to use up the second clue and rolled 'pass an incriminating or disgraceful Clue to an Actor'. I decided that Marta had not killed the Elf but had chosen to use her contacts to make sure he could be found in the right place to suit her. Again she passed the check easily and the job was done.

I hung out near the Elf's pad again. I figures the target's goons would be round to check on him soon. It took a while but soon enough a squad of local toughs piled through his door. A short while later they came out again. I followed them to a Wheelwright's workshop on the seedier side of town.

Notes: The next scene was an investigation one. I rolled 'Stake out an Actor or location'. It seemed obvious that the Actor should be the Elf. Marta's dice were on fire tonight. She scored another Clue and another Victory point but the delay netted the target one more point.

Might be there was something in there worth taking or the boss might be in there. I could do this the easy way and wait for them to leave before I broke in to steal everything or I could do it my way. I chose my way. The target mighta been in there so I figured it was worthwhile. As I went through the door I saw a fat man leaving out the back. There were eight toughs between me and that door. I waded in. Two of the goons went down immediately and two more on the backswing. Then they had their swords out. I ducked under one sword and straight into two more (-2HPs) before jumping over their leader's sword. I followed this up with a jab to the throat and kick to the groin, before spinning to break the jaw of a goon. That left two. One dropped his sword and ran. The other waved his sword wildly in my direction. I disarmed him and broke his skull. I ran for the back door but the target was long gone. I was getting closer though. I bandaged my wounds (+2 HPs) and ransacked the place. I found some papers clumsily hidden there. I headed for the inn to read them. I had time for some sleep too before I moved in on the target.

Notes: With a Clue in my pocket I chose an action scene. I rolled 'Plunder resources necessary to the foe's plan'. Great. I figured that the goons would lead Marta to a hideout and she might find out more about the target. She had the option on making a check at +2 or going to a fight. I chose fight because she is a bit of an action girl. The fight went much better than the last one.

Level 3 Cleric
Hit Points 12
Herbalism 2
Streetwise 3
Long Distance Runner 1
Contacts in the Veiled Society 1
Spells: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic, Hold Person

Threat: 3
Marta's Victory Points: 9
Target's Victory Points: 3
Heat: 1
Clues: 0

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