Saturday, 28 March 2009

April Objectives

April looks like being a trying time for me, what with my mother going into hospital, the search for a new job and university deadlines looming. Nevertheless, I shall still try to stick to my objectives.

In April I shall try to paint a 15mm sci-fi force. I have a ton or two of Laserburn figures in the attic, providing effective radiation shielding. Some of them were painted by me in the eighties back when gloss varnish was in vogue and no one had heard of layering. I have designed a 1500 point Imperial Commander force to paint for an Imperial Lord Knight on a Feudal Outworld.
This force uses figures I already have and consists of:
1 Imperial Lord Knight
1 squad of Knights
1 platoon of Men at Arms
1 Men at Arms heavy weapons squad
1 platoon of Local Levy
2 Glaive class APCs
1 Scythe class squad jetcopter

For the sake of symmetry I could do with a couple more APCs, but I cannot afford them at the moment. Some of these figures will only require a little fettling to get them ready to be fielded, while others require painting from scratch. Of course, the next question is what colour to paint them. Should I go for a standard green camouflage, or should I paint them in the Lord Knight's livery colours instead?

I like the idea of the livery colours but camouflage just seems more sensible to me. If I opt for the livery colours, then I also need to decide what those colours should be. It is almost tempting to paint them in a futuristic version of an 18th century uniform. Oh well, I shall dither over that for the next few days.


  1. How about a camouflage pattern in the livery colors? Its gotta work on Some planet, right?

  2. Neat idea. I might do that for the next force I paint, or maybe for a mercenary platoon. I like the idea of picking a Wars of the Roses livery and recreating it on a sci-fi unit and I have just the figures for the job. I think I shall prep them later this week and try that out.

    In the end, I opted for a simple colour scheme for these chaps with basic green armour and then the helmets were painted in the livery colours. The commander has a livery jacket on just because I thought it looked interesting and the levy troops are in standard fatigues. I have actually managed to finish these guys now, but have not done their bases yet so no pictures until then. The vehicles are part-finished and I hope to complete them this weekend.