Monday, 23 March 2009

Talomir Tales - A New Blog

With a view to tracking our campaign progress, I have started a sibling blog to this one: Talomir Tales

Talomir Tales is for tracking the progress of our Warrior Heroes (WH) and Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures (WHAA) campaigns. My plan is to link the two so that WHAA adventures can be related to the wider political events of Talomir, the world created by Ed Texeira for his Warrior Heroes campaign. We are planning to make some adjustments to the setting to suit our available armies, and we also plan to start small with just four nations on the map, but we hope to expand the campaign map in the future. I have figures for some of the additional nations but need to paint them. I also hope to start including naval battles using THW's Warring Fleets rules but that may have to wait a while.

In preparation for the campaign, I have exported the WH and WHAA posts from this blog to Talomir Tales and edited them to suit their new home. They will still remain on this blog, because there is review material that is more appropriate here. Look for more background on Talomir in the near future as I photograph my armies and update the blog.

The goal for the campaign will be to play one or two WH or WHAA games per month and to continue for as long as we can be bothered. There is no real need for victory conditions in the campaign so it will remain open-ended, like an RPG game or like real life. Characters may die, nations may be annexed or absorbed into other nations, but life will continue regardless.

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