Sunday, 6 June 2010

ADF Attack Bwendi Again - 5150 report

In a not particularly shocking development, the Albion Defence Force has recently attacked the peaceful Bwendi settlers once more.

The scenario was a perimeter patrol with the Bwendi defending. I chose to set up one squad in the woods and one in the village. Steve's ADF troops entered on turn one.

In a short but bloody firefight, the ADF troops captured the village of Gondwoddle and drove off the Bwendi settlers with overwhelming firepower.

Basically, Steve's troops entered the table, I passed a couple of In Sight tests and shot at him but missed. He returned fire and knocked down several of my troops, as well as putting one out of the fight. I failed to activate any of my troops for the first four turns of the game because of rolling too high on the initiative rolls and so he was able to waltz up and take out my troops at will. I did take out a couple of his soldiers but not enough to do any serious damage and certainly not enough to recover from my poor initiative rolls.

This was a quick and fun, but one-sided game. The Bwendi people will have their revenge!

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  1. Nice table and fun looking game. I like you're setting. I'm always looking to do things off the beaten path.