Friday, 4 June 2010

Bwendi Reinforcements - The Scouts

The Bwendi army has suffered for too long from the incursions of the mis-named Albion Defence Force. While the main army has been taking the strain, President Throckmorton P. Gladiolus has been spending his personal income on training up the Bwendi Scouts. While its primary role is reconnaissance, this new elite unit is equipped with the very best in heavy weaponry and the latest in technology so that it can fight its way out of any corner it may find itself in.

Here we see the first squad of Bwendi Combat Scouts parading in front of their newly acquired Glaive APC. They are armed with powerful Conversion Beam Projectors that will scythe down any ADF scum that get in their way and the wheeled Glaive is both fast and manoeuvrable while still providing adequate protection from the usual ADF weaponry.

(Click the picture for a larger image)

The Bwendi Recon Scouts are even more prepared than their Combat brethren. They have been equipped with the only grav vehicle on the planet. The president's brother-in-law, Honest Throckwoddle Gladiolus (he took his wife's name when they married as is the custom on Bwendi), just happened to have this Imperial Scout car sitting in his used car lot when the president announced his intention of forming the Scouts. It is powered by the latest in coal-fired fusion generators and comes with a full year's parts and labour warranty at a price that is literally stealing the food from Throckwoddle's childrens' mouths, or so he tells us. The Bwendi Recon Scouts are armed with Automatic Grenade Launchers and Support Autorangers. Their job is to find the enemy and make a mess before skedaddling and reporting back to base.

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