Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Bwendi Strike Back -a short 5150 report

Following their disastrous performance last time around the Bwendi army has been training hard to retake Gondwoddle. Unfortunately, in the time it took to muster the troops and get them there, the ADF has already laid waste to the village itself and are preparing for a new murderous onslaught. The village was only occupied by the dregs of ADF society, the militia, but there were a lot of them. Like cockroaches they were swarming all over the place. Time to clean house.

The Bwendi squad advanced on one flank with the intention of eliminating the militia one piece at a time. By focusing their attack, they hoped to avoid unnecessary casualties. They came under fire quite quickly but suffered no casualties and were able pin the ADF while a flanking fire team worked its way around. With their flank under threat, the ADF chose to manoeuvre to defend it. Unfortunately, their supporting troops were all laid low by the flanking force.

The ADF chose to regroup in the lee of a large rocky outcrop, just in time for a reinforcing Bwendi squad to appear and mow all bar their leader down. He immediately surrendered and will be interrogated before being put on trial for his war crimes.

This was another quick game that showed the advantage of having higher Rep troops. My chaps were able to close quickly and lay down more accurate fire than Steve's were. On the last turn I received reinforcements and that totally sealed the fate of Steve's troops. It effectively doubled the strength of my force while Steve only had four figures left. For future games we have decided to field a platoon each rather than just a section. This should reduce the effect of any reinforcements that appear. We want them to be a fun addition and not a totally devastating, overwhelming advantage for the recipient.

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