Dreadball League

 The East Thirding Tripe Marketing, Mining and Management Board League 3023


  • Introduction
  • Rules
  • League Table
  • Fixtures and Match Results
  • The Teams


In the far outer rim of the galaxy lies the rarely visited East Thirding. With only one space lane in and out of the sector, no one goes there that does not have to. It is not a place one passes through, unlike its neighbouring sectors the North Thirding and the West Thirding. It also has little to recommend it for tourists despite the short jump to Yellowbelly Sector via what the locals know as the White Elephant Jump Route. If anything, Yellowbelly Sector has less to recommend it than the East Thirding has.

In a bid to boost tourism and the local economy (and their profits), The East Thirding Tripe Marketing, Mining and Management Board has founded a new minor Dreadball league. The Board hopes that this league will grow from just six teams to many more and may one day be listed among the greats. They are certain that it will become famous for its tripe-based cuisine that will be available at all of its arenas.

The participation of teams from exotic planets like Spurn, Burstwick and Lelley is sure to stoke enthusiasm among the locals, and it is rumoured that the great manufacturing giant S&N Inc might even field a team. With resources limited at this time, not all of these planets will be sending teams to the league and the fans eagerly await the announcement about which of them will take part.

This is an intermittent league that will take place as and when our personal circumstances allow. This means there will be flurries of activity followed by long periods of silence. It is a way for my opponent and I to play Dreadball within a framework that lets us use special characters and the experience system rather than just playing standard teams all the time or having to design new teams each time. It is set up so that each of us can run several teams.

(c) Tripe Marketing Board


The League comprises six teams and each season will see each team play three opponents. Each opponent will be played both home and away, so a season will comprise eighteen matches.

At the start, each player fields the recommended team listed in the rule book. New players, captains and MVPs can be recruited as the league progresses.

The winner of the league gets bragging rights and the Tripe Marketing, Mining and Management Board has promised substantial Tripe-based prizes. Smaller Tripe-based prizes will be awarded to the teams that score best in the categories 'Strike Difference', 'Cheers' and 'Serious Injuries Caused'.

At the end of the league (if that ever happens), teams may retire and new teams may join. Existing teams will retain their ranking and the new league will be seeded so that the best teams play each other and new teams play each other before those at the top of the league and those at the bottom must face each other.

League Table

Fixtures and Match Results

In the following list, the home team is listed first.

  • Burstwick Orecrushers vs Rise Roaches (0-1)
  • Rise Roaches vs Burstwick Orecrushers
  • Hedon Hardtimers vs Ferrehbeh Furies (0-7)
  • Ferrehbeh Furies vs Hedon Hardtimers
  • Hessle Nebula Fish Packers vs Spurn Sirens (0-4)
  • Spurn Sirens vs Hessle Nebula Fish Packers

The Teams

I may set up separate pages for each player or each team as the league progresses, if I get inspired. For now, this section highlights the experience and advancements gained by the players to make it easy to keep track of who has gained what.

Burstwick Orecrushers (Crystallan)

The Burstwick Orecrushers are a Crystallan team from the Eddon subsector of the East Thirding. A semi-crystalline race, they are strong and tough but slow. However, they work particularly well together and that teamwork compensates for their disadvantages when used properly.

+1 Dreadball card

  1. not assigned
  2. Jade (Jack): Xp 1
  3. Gneissey (Jack): Xp 5, Can't Feel A Thing
  4. Kimberleyte (Jack): Xp 2
  5. Grann't (Guard): Xp 9, Grizzled
  6. Dimant (Guard): Xp 6, Can't Feel A Thing
  7. Basill't (Guard): Xp 7, Steady
  8. Andyste (Guard): Xp 1
  9. Dyawlrite (Guard): Xp 0

Rise Roaches(Z'zor)

Raised in the Hives of Rise Hall in Bevvehleh subsector, The Roaches have a real team mentality, it’s difficult not to when you share a common mother, father, brother, cousin etc.

  1. (Guard): Xp 1
  2. not assigned
  3. (Jack): Xp 2, Neural damage (lost Can't Feel A Thing)
  4. (Jack): Xp 2
  5. (Jack): Xp 2
  6. (Jack): Xp 5, Safe Pair of Hands
  7. (Jack): Xp 1
  8. (Striker): Xp 2
  9. (Striker): Xp 0

Hedon IV Hardtimers (Convicts)

The Hardtimers are prisoners on the asteroid Hedon IV, a short distance from the Historic Planet of Hedon Prime. Originally they played in the local prison league against the likes of The Everthorpe Evils, Full Sutton Stranglers and Wetherby Wanderers, but then made a leap into the big league.

  1. Evil Dee (Grogan Guard): XP 3
  2. Evil Dum (Grogan Guard): XP 5, Threatening
  3. Colin ‘The Cravat’ Jackson (Human Jack): XP 2
  4. Kevin ‘The Knife’ Jackson (Human Jack): XP 3
  5. Robin ‘The Ratchet’ Jackson (Human Jack): XP 1
  6. Dave ‘The Rave’ Jackson (Human Striker): XP 1
  7. Bob Roberts (Human Striker): XP 1
  8. Rebecca 'The Stiletto' Jackson (Human Striker): XP 6, Neural damage (lost Shock Collar), Skill bonus

Ferrehbeh Furies (Kalyshi)

Hailing from Ferrehbeh, a small moon orbiting Ull, the Furies are known for their ferocity both on and off the pitch. They can't wait to start busting out moves and cracking heads, but generally rely upon their speed and agility, more than their strength, to bamboozle and crush opposing players, leaving them flatter than the Furies' vowel sounds. When not training, they can usually be found at LA's, a nightclub on Ull, where they put the murder onto the dance floor before scoffing down a patty and chips with extra chip spice on their way home.

  1. not assigned
  2. Shazza (Striker): XP 5, Feint
  3. Kazza (Striker): XP 4
  4. Mezza (Striker): XP 4 
  5. Chazza (Striker): XP 1
  6. Maisie (Jack): XP 1
  7. Daisie (Jack): XP 1
  8. Izzie (Jack): XP 1
  9. Rosie (Jack): XP 1

Hessle Nebula Fish Packers (Kalyshi)

The team started out as a break time entertainment for the line workers of the Hessle Nebula Fish Company. In between the long hours packing Astral Haddock for consumption around the galaxy, the fish packers would play a version of Dreadball. Eventually a team was formed and the rest is history. They may look innocent, but on the pitch they are as tough as they come. Watch out after the match as their skills with a filleting knife are legendary, just ask Big Ray the eunuch. Playing in their distinctive white boots, modelled on the wellies worn within the factory, they have a distinctive lime green sole and are designed by local ‘aute couture ‘ouse, Mr Chu’s.

  1. Vera (Jack): XP 2
  2. Flora (Jack): XP 3
  3. Doris (Jack): XP 6, Illegal
  4. Ena (Jack): XP 1
  5. Deirdre (Striker): XP 1
  6. Maud (Striker): XP 3, Spinal misalignment (Speed penalty)
  7. Val (Striker): XP 1
  8. Lillian (Striker): XP 6, Skill bonus

Spurn Sirens (Sirens)

The Spurn Sirens are a team from the planet Kilnwick, which lies at the outermost edge of the East Thirding. They are believed to be human, but no one is entirely sure, and no one wants to visit Kilnwick to find out. It is a dangerous planet where tidal bores frequently remove entire land masses and redeposit them elsewhere. High winds make travelling on the surface hazardous and the weather is highly unstable. These varying conditions have led to a race of people, and consequently a Dreadball team, that is flexible and able to move quickly to evade or hinder events and actions as needed.

  1. Bounty Wreckher (Guard): XP 17, Agility bonus, Grapple
  2. Wheatbitch Part (Jack): XP 5, Strength bonus
  3. Barbie Moonshine (Jack): XP 5, Skill bonus
  4. Intensive Fuzz (Jack): XP 1
  5. Eaton Hellation (Jack): XP 1
  6. Feminist Goodtime (Striker): XP 5, Lucky
  7. Darling Shock (Striker): XP 3
  8. Mama Culottes (Striker): XP 1