Monday 28 June 2010

The Best of All Possible Mining Outposts - A 5150 report

Captain Pangloss of the Bwendi Levy was engrossed in his book when the alarm call came; he loved reading about his ancestor in Old Earth history books.

"Captain," yelled Sergeant Candide through the commlink, "We've got incoming. Unidentified space skimmer approaching. We don't recognise the type or the markings. Looks like it might not be ADF this time."
"Very well," responded Pangloss, "Sound the alarm and get your men deployed to meet them. They could be friendly but let's not take any chances."

The Levy stumbled over each other as they took up positions, but Pangloss was not too worried. The men might be green but they had the best of all possible commanders in Candide and Pangloss. Sgt Candide had taken half the men and was covering the left flank from the roof of one of the supply huts, while Pangloss and the rest of the men occupied the main command hut, which provided both good lines of sight and a comfortably fortified position from which to observe the approach of these newcomers. They did not have long to wait. Gunfire from Candide's position indicated that the newcomers were indeed hostile. Then the gunner spotted one of the enemy, as did Pangloss. Blimey, these were proper aliens and of a type that he had never previously encountered. They were huge and heavily armed. Pangloss opened fire at the alien, scoring multiple hits but it just kept coming until the gunner stitched a burst of fire all the way across its head. (click the pics for larger images)
Over the intercom, Pangloss could hear the shouts of Candide's men and Candide's orders. It all sounded rather chaotic, but that was for the best because, if it were not chaotic there, it would have to be chaotic somewhere else, as likely in Pangloss' ad hoc command bunker as anywhere else! As he thought this, suddenly a hail of automatic fire ripped into the walls of the hut and several shots came through the window, tearing chunks out of the gunner and his number two. Both men dropped in a pool of blood. Pangloss immediately raced over to grab the gun and keep it in action. It's firepower could be crucial. Then Private Thunder-Ten-Tronckh collapsed in another welter of automatic fire. Their position had been flanked and the troopers Pangloss had left outside had been dispatched rather too quietly. Over the commlink he could hear Candide rallying his men, who had lost their courage in the face of overwhelming enemy firepower. Candide was now manoeuvring to assault the enemy again. Perhaps he could flank them as Pangloss had been. Still, it was just as well that Pangloss had been flanked because otherwise it would have happened somewhere else and Pangloss was better able to deal with such a situation.
Candide's men were now moving into position as Pangloss sought out the cause of the problems round his own command. It turned out to be a single alien with two unfeasibly large machine pistols. Pangloss was impressed despite himself. Surely those must be the best of all possible machine pistols! That did not stop him letting rip with the LMG though. His burst of fire tore visible holes in the alien's armour and made it duck for cover. Unfortunately it did not appear to be hurt.
As Pangloss adopted a suitable firing position, the alien suddenly appeared at the window again. Private Cunegonde was frozen with fear and the alien dropped her where she stood, with her weapon unfired. Pangloss was alone in the hut. Over on the other flank, the cries of the wounded could be heard, as were the exhortations of the routed. It sounded like Candide's command was running for its life. That was probably for the best. Pangloss dropped back into the corner of the hut and prepared to resist the aliens when they came for him. He was the last of his command and in this situation going down with his ship was the best of all possible outcomes. The end did not take long. The big alien stepped into the window and stood there as Pangloss opened fire until his gun clicked empty. With unfeasibly large machine pistols opened fire and Pangloss collapsed on the floor. As blackness overcame him he reflected that he had at least held the best of all possible commands in the best of all possible mining outposts.
Steve decided to field some aliens for a change and I had been making some 15mm terrain using the WWG Mars Station set, so we agreed a 1500 points battle and bought figures accordingly. He had 4 aliens using the Grath template. I had a 14 man levy squad, most of whom were Rep 3. The game progressed rather predictably. I did manage to hit the aliens but could not get the OD results I needed to kill them, except in one case. My efforts were not helped by the vast number of 1s I rolled to hit. I also spent half my time rallying my troops, instead of having them shooting back. Steve's shooting was much more effective. I think he has loaded his dice or something! It was a fun if frustrating game that saw my star (Pangloss) getting captured. I wonder what the aliens will do with him, and is he important enough for my troops to rally and try to rescue him? Half of them survived by routing very soon after the aliens started shooting, and a few could test for recovery if the aliens did not gather up the wounded and take them off to be probed.

Friday 18 June 2010

The President's New Clothes

President Throckmorton P. Gladiolus once more leads the fashions on Bwendi. He puts his fashionable forwardness down to generous credit terms with his brother-in-law Honest Throckwoddle Gladiolus (a first-class used car saleseman and Secretary for Attack). First on the catwalk today, we see the President clad in the finest ex-Imperial Dreadnought Armour. (click the pics for larger images)

"Look," said the President, "It had one careful lady owner and she only took it shopping on Saturdays. It's almost as good as new. Sure there's this small hole here in the helmet but we have patched that up with parcel tape. Apparently her dog chewed the helmet one day when she left it out."

Next up, the President models a suit of Power Armour with this year's must-have accessory, the plasma gun.

And finally, the President proudly parades an Imperial Power Armour suit with twin laser rifles and a grenade launcher mounted on the right arm, and twin hand flamers on the left. Just the thing for those country shooting weekends.

In other news, we are pleased to report that the Bwendi army has seen some new recruitment. In addition to the new Scout troops we reported on recently, the President has released funds for a new squad of Knights and a Men-at-Arms heavy weapons squad. Those Frogless Albion Defence Force types won't know what hit them!

Thanks to the offices of Honest Throckwoddle Gladiolus, the Bwendi army has also acquired two mortars. Throckwoddle is working hard to source some ammunition for them so that the army can train up crews.

And finally, the President paraded the army before their barracks this morning as part of this publicity drive. Captain Pangloss of the Levy was heard to remark upon seeing our brave soldiers, "This is surely the best of all possible armies."

The Bwendi Army for Imperial Commander

The Bwendi Army is organised similarly to the Imperial army in Imperial Commander. The elite of the army are the Knights, who form the President's personal bodyguard. A maximum of two squads of Knights may be fielded. If the President is leading the army personally then he and the Knights may be carried in the army's Scythe Class Squad Jetcopter.

The Men-at-Arms are the backbone of the army. They are grouped in squads of five men with one command squad, 3 combat squads and one support squad forming a platoon. They are often carried into batte in the army's Glaive class APCs. Usually two squads will share one APC, because there is a shortage of APCs in the army at the moment. Throckwoddle is trying to source some new ones.

The Scout Troops are a new force in the army. Their mission is to seek out the enemy and report their locations back. There are two types of scout unit in the army. The Combat Scouts are very heavily armed and are expected to engage and hold the enemy while the rest of the army catches up. The Recon Scouts are intended to locate the enemy and then call in artillery on the enemy positions. Once the army gets some ammunition for the mortars, they will be able to do this. In the meantime, they have grenade launchers and the army's only grav vehicle, an obsolete Imperial Scout Car. Both types of scout function as individual squads.

The Levy are usually only called out for home defence duties. Their equipment is variable, although most have an SMG or an assault rifle. They are grouped into squads with similar weapons and have one or two support weapons assigned to each squad. Levy squads can be as large as twelve men if the call-up is sufficiently well heeded.

President Throckmorton P. Gladiolus (pick one option)

  • Vet, AI, Jumpack, Bolt Pistol, Force Sword, Holtzmann Shield, Hero, Leader, 49 points
  • Vet, PA, Jumpack, Holtzmann Shield, Plasma Gun, Autoranger, Power Glove,Hero, Leader, 73 points
  • Vet, PA, Jumpack, Holtzmann Shield, Right Arm Pack (Autoranger, 2 Laser Rifles, 1 Grenade Launcher, Power Glove), Left Arm Pack (2 Hand Flamers), Hero, Leader, 77 points
  • Vet, DA, Jumpack, Holtzmann Shield, Right Arm Pack (Autoranger, 2 Hvy Bolters, Power Glove), Left Arm Pack (Hvy Laser), Back (3 Imperial DA Grenade Launchers), Hero, Leader, 95 points


  • 5 figures, Elite, AI, Jumpack, Autoranger, Advanced Grenade Pack, 4 Bolt Rifles, 1 Heavy Bolter, all with Force Sword, 127 points
  • Scythe Class Squad Jetcopter, Transport Jetcopter to carry up to 12 people, Autoranger, Twin FF Missile Launcher, 65 points


  • Command Squad: 5 figures, Reg, AI, Jumpack, Autoranger, Advanced Grenade Pack, 1 Leader with Bolt Pistol and Force Sword, 3 Bolt Rifles, 1 Heavy Bolter, 116 points
  • Combat Squad: 5 figures, Reg, AI, Jumpack, Autoranger, Advanced Grenade Pack, 4 Bolt Rifles, 1 Heavy Bolter, 107 points
  • Support Squad: 5 figures, Reg, AI, Jumpack, Autoranger, 1 Leader with Bolt Pistol and Force Sword, 2 Support Bolters, 2 Conversion Beamers, 133 points
  • Transport: Tracked APC to carry up to 10 people, Two Roboturrets mounting 2 Heavy Lasers each, 77 points

Combat Scouts

  • 6 figures, Reg, LI, Scout Jumpack, Laser Pistol, Force Sword, Heavy Bolter, Advanced Grenade Pack, 1 Leader, 146 points
  • Glaive APC, Wheeled APC to carry up to 10 people, Two Roboturrets mounting 2 Heavy Lasers each, 77 points

Recon Scouts

  • 2 figures, Reg, LI, Scout Jumpack, Laser Pistol, Force Sword, Grenade Launcher, Advanced Grenade Pack, 1 Support Autoranger, 1 Leader, 56 points
  • Imperial Scout Car, Grav Scout Car, FF Support Bolter, 30 points

Levy Troops

  • Con, LI, Laser Pistol, Force Sword, Leader, 16 points each
  • Con, LI, Basic Grenade Pack, SMG, 10 points each
  • Con, LI, Basic Grenade Pack, Assault Rifle, 12 points each
  • Con, LI, Basic Grenade Pack, HMG, 13 points each
  • Con, LI, Advanced Grenade Pack, Missile Launcher, 13 points each

Tuesday 8 June 2010

The Bwendi Strike Back -a short 5150 report

Following their disastrous performance last time around the Bwendi army has been training hard to retake Gondwoddle. Unfortunately, in the time it took to muster the troops and get them there, the ADF has already laid waste to the village itself and are preparing for a new murderous onslaught. The village was only occupied by the dregs of ADF society, the militia, but there were a lot of them. Like cockroaches they were swarming all over the place. Time to clean house.

The Bwendi squad advanced on one flank with the intention of eliminating the militia one piece at a time. By focusing their attack, they hoped to avoid unnecessary casualties. They came under fire quite quickly but suffered no casualties and were able pin the ADF while a flanking fire team worked its way around. With their flank under threat, the ADF chose to manoeuvre to defend it. Unfortunately, their supporting troops were all laid low by the flanking force.

The ADF chose to regroup in the lee of a large rocky outcrop, just in time for a reinforcing Bwendi squad to appear and mow all bar their leader down. He immediately surrendered and will be interrogated before being put on trial for his war crimes.

This was another quick game that showed the advantage of having higher Rep troops. My chaps were able to close quickly and lay down more accurate fire than Steve's were. On the last turn I received reinforcements and that totally sealed the fate of Steve's troops. It effectively doubled the strength of my force while Steve only had four figures left. For future games we have decided to field a platoon each rather than just a section. This should reduce the effect of any reinforcements that appear. We want them to be a fun addition and not a totally devastating, overwhelming advantage for the recipient.

Sunday 6 June 2010

ADF Attack Bwendi Again - 5150 report

In a not particularly shocking development, the Albion Defence Force has recently attacked the peaceful Bwendi settlers once more.

The scenario was a perimeter patrol with the Bwendi defending. I chose to set up one squad in the woods and one in the village. Steve's ADF troops entered on turn one.

In a short but bloody firefight, the ADF troops captured the village of Gondwoddle and drove off the Bwendi settlers with overwhelming firepower.

Basically, Steve's troops entered the table, I passed a couple of In Sight tests and shot at him but missed. He returned fire and knocked down several of my troops, as well as putting one out of the fight. I failed to activate any of my troops for the first four turns of the game because of rolling too high on the initiative rolls and so he was able to waltz up and take out my troops at will. I did take out a couple of his soldiers but not enough to do any serious damage and certainly not enough to recover from my poor initiative rolls.

This was a quick and fun, but one-sided game. The Bwendi people will have their revenge!

Friday 4 June 2010

Bwendi Reinforcements - The Scouts

The Bwendi army has suffered for too long from the incursions of the mis-named Albion Defence Force. While the main army has been taking the strain, President Throckmorton P. Gladiolus has been spending his personal income on training up the Bwendi Scouts. While its primary role is reconnaissance, this new elite unit is equipped with the very best in heavy weaponry and the latest in technology so that it can fight its way out of any corner it may find itself in.

Here we see the first squad of Bwendi Combat Scouts parading in front of their newly acquired Glaive APC. They are armed with powerful Conversion Beam Projectors that will scythe down any ADF scum that get in their way and the wheeled Glaive is both fast and manoeuvrable while still providing adequate protection from the usual ADF weaponry.

(Click the picture for a larger image)

The Bwendi Recon Scouts are even more prepared than their Combat brethren. They have been equipped with the only grav vehicle on the planet. The president's brother-in-law, Honest Throckwoddle Gladiolus (he took his wife's name when they married as is the custom on Bwendi), just happened to have this Imperial Scout car sitting in his used car lot when the president announced his intention of forming the Scouts. It is powered by the latest in coal-fired fusion generators and comes with a full year's parts and labour warranty at a price that is literally stealing the food from Throckwoddle's childrens' mouths, or so he tells us. The Bwendi Recon Scouts are armed with Automatic Grenade Launchers and Support Autorangers. Their job is to find the enemy and make a mess before skedaddling and reporting back to base.

Massacre in the Market - a short Chaos in Cairo report

Well, I have been somewhat remiss in posting to this blog of late. I have several battles to write up and some newly painted figures to post. Unfortunately I have also been snowed under with course work and with helping my wife out in her business. Anyway, here follows a short account of a battle that took place in the sukh in downtown Cairo. We fought this one a few weeks ago so my memory of the details is a little hazy.

The market was busy that day so it was pure bad luck that Sabine Blankensee encountered the Sword of Ra. In those crowds it would have been easy to walk right past him. She stared balefully at him as he yelled threats and the crowds cleared around them. Sabine manoeuvred to keep some of the bystanders between her and the burly warrior that faced her. Then, whipping out her pistol she blazed away. The fight was on.

(As usual click the pictures for a larger image)

Fortunately for Sabine her allies were close by and moving in to help her. The Sons of Set charged up the street while the others tried to flank the Swords of Ra, who seemed to be springing up all over the place. Unfortunately the Swords seemed to be well armed with rifles and swords. Sabine's .38 Special seemed rather lightweight by comparison.

While the others distracted the Swords with gunfire, the Sons of Set charged in and made short work of a dervish, who seemed better at posing with his swords than using them. While they were doing this, Benny Khotan was laid low by a rifle shot and an innocent bystander was also hit. The Sons charged on and engaged the first Sword that Sabine had seen in a wild swirling melee that dragged on as neither side could gain a significant advantage.

Another Sword joined this melee, using a passer-by as a shield. Just what you would expect from such dastardly foes! The fight raged on and the Sons of Set were whittled down as another Sword engaged them. Sabine leapt into the fray with her pocket knife and soon settled the hash of the Sword before her. The fight seemed to go out of them after that and the other one was also soon laid low.

Suddenly quiet fell over the sukh. The Swords were all down. Unfortunately, Sabine's allies Benny, Ahmed and Singh were also down. The Sons of Set had been whittled down to two remaining. Sabine was badly hurt and her dress torn. The only one of the group that remained unharmed was Otto, their leader, who had personally accounted for two of the Swords in his own quiet way. They gathered up their wounded and tended to their wounds. It was only after seeing to Benny and Ahmed when Otto realised that the Swords had slipped away despite their wounds. Worse yet, they had captured Singh, Otto's bodyguard! Benny and Ahmed were particuarly irked by this. They both swore blood vengeance against the Swords of Ra. Woe betide the Sword that got in their way in the future!

This battle went badly for me at the start. My attack rolls were poor and my defence rolls not much to write home about. Steve seemed to rolling an absolutely blinding game, yet, when it came to the end, I suddenly found myself holding the field. I have no idea how that came about, unless it was the careful use of innocent bystanders as cover and generally nasty tricksy behaviour on my part. However, despite winning the game I still found myself with one of my characters captured. How does that work out? The rescue mission should be an interesting one. As Steve put it, I won the battle but lost the war. We shall see.